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  • FlicFlac - Hope
  • Chevelle - Take Out The Gunman
  • Daughter - "Get Lucky" (Daft Punk cover)
  • Man In The Mirror
  • Ben Howard - Oats In The Water
  • James Arthur - Recovery
  • LORDE - Everybody Wants To Rule The World
  • Nine Inch Nails - We're in this Together
  • SBTRKT 'Trials of the Past' (NSFW)
  • MS MR - Hurricane
  • Sleeping With Sirens- Roger Rabbit
  • Puscifer - Dear Brother
  • Wasteland
  • Jambi
  • Right in Two
  • The Grudge
  • The Epilogues "Hunting Season"
  • You're So Vain
  • Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Neon Cathedral feat. Allen Stone
  • Fall Out Boy - The Phoenix
  • Infected Mushroom - Converting Vegetarians
  • The Weeknd - Wanderlust
  • House of the Rising Sun - Lauren O'Connell
  • Memories

Welcome to Depraved Nation///

If you’re interested in becoming a blogger for Depraved Events click HERE!!

Interested in renting @ Depraved Nation?  Click HERE for rental info.

Menstuff Feb. 2011 Comes to a Close

Hey Depraved,

I was invited this month by Ivy Maverick to be a judge in the February 2011 Menstuff Photo competition.

As one of the 3 judges we had the hard job of picking 3 contestants who put togeather a look based off of the February 2011 Menstuff hunt gifts. With nearly  6000 group members  and tons of entries it was narrowed down to 10 finalist. Today at  1pm SLT they walked the boardwalk in the packed Maverick SIM on Second Life. Not a free seat in the house and with the SIM ready to burst at the seams it was the place to be.

The finalist were narrowed down from 10 to 5… then 5 to 3… and then the winner.

Coming in first place was Duke Arsenault winning 30 Thousand Linden.

2nd and 3rd place was a tie by Mack Anthony and Maverick Frentis each taking home 7500 Linden.

Grats to all of you for working your asses off – winners, finalists, and everyone else that entered.

Thanks to fellow judges Yelmer Pfeffer and Alianna Logan. Thanks to Ivy Maverick for inviting me to join this event and for organizing a really great Gridwide hunt, with over 150 stores.

See you guys at the next one,

Kehl Razor

Depraved Nation Photo Contest

Depraved Nation is sponsoring it’s 1st Photo Contest and we’ve got some totally awesome prizes set up for the winners!  Designers who have satellite shops in our mall have donated some very generous prizes for this contest.  I have included a complete list detailing who has offered what, please do not message designers to ask them about this information.

This contest is not focused on who can buy and use the most stuff, we are looking for quality in the design of your photo, style in the items you choose to use, and individuality.  We want you to be creative and we want you to have fun.

Drop by Razorblade Jacket Mainstore, click the photo contest poster and get all the details!


The Twisted Hunt MARCH 2011!


Not a ton right off in March but there is the Twisted hunt! This is a HUGE Hunt.. over 150 – 200? Vendors or something crazy. Razorblade Jacket is #75 on the list and I got to say… The gift… I don’t know… I got really wasted and made you all this:

I think I was having a dream about math which was really symbolic of people. I love math! Still, a lot of people fail at it. So get better at it or you might be chased down by killer paper airplanes made out of old math homework. Did I mention in Colorado you can literally get weed at every gas station. Crazy.

See you guys on the grid!


Another Great Event in February!

=Razorblade Jacket= was invited to join HIS FAIR 2011. The following vendors include:

Hot Dolphin Love
#Before Sleep#
Ol’ Dirty Bastards
U. December
Hate This
Wilson’s Designs
Beautiful Disaster
Sonic Death Monkey
-=Razorblade Jacket=-
Peer Style
GooDVibeZ Mens
DragonLady’s Closet
B&T Alternative

Each designer has included 1 or 2 freebies at their stand for anyone that wants them along with other items from their store.

You can visit HIS FAIR in world  HERE.

Thx Filipe Connor for all your hard work.

See you you guys there.

For a Short time some amazing designers are participating in the February Cycle of CHIC Limited Run by Miss Keira Seerose!
=Razorblade Jacket= was invited this time around and I was happy to accept the invitation.
Each store is releasing one Exclusive item to be sold at this event only. It will only be available during this time at CHIC Limited. The February Theme: THE ANTI VALENTINE!
The following stores in the Febuary Cycle are as follows *but not limited to*:
=Razorblade Jacket=
Lacie CakesGOSLassitude & EnnuiPeqe!faintGlam AffairElikatiraRaw HouseDeetaleZDi’s Opera[LAP]{what next}Dark Mouse*diavolicious*HucciMagoa{ Zeery } Color CoutureBOUNCEdilly dollsLa Petite Morte
Visit CHIC Limited until Feb 26th @ 3pm *before it closes* in world HERE.
Here is the Exclusive Item from =Razorblade Jacket= – enjoy:

My Depraved Valentine

What the hell is up everyone?!

It is that time again. New Month… New things going down. Depraved Nation is getting ready kick in February with their newest Second Life Showcased Event: My Depraved Valentine.


This is a PAID Hunt all gifts being 9L or under. You will get the hang of it.

This hunt has some amazing contributors and prizes. They include:
=Razorblade Jacket= Croire Acide ALI COUTURE Shush Ducknipple Cheeky Pea Atypical Sassy Kitty Birth REPULSE AMERICAN BAZAAR Orion NeverM0re LouLou&Co Endless Pain Tattoos Chrysallis Labs Indyra Originals Miu Virtual Insanity KOSH AQ face tattoos CONCRETE FLOWERS Raw House KIM LoQ Hairs Para Designs Acid & Mala Xplosion DECO Buttercups IrEn sur+ Insanya Pixel Dolls Hollie Pocket Blitzed Old Dirty Bastards {what next} paper.doll ::COOL BEANS::.:[RatzCatz]:. [bubble] .HoD. Sweet ‘N’ Tart Blow-Up Fierce Designs Heap Flipside Sonic Death Monkey Le’ Boom Sour Pickles and maybe more!

Here are the Start Gifts from =Razorblade Jacket=

Remember the Start Is =Razorblade Jacket= in the Heart of Depraved Nation. See you bishes There!


Hey All,

My release for Saturday Night Fever is up and will remain up until 11:59PM SLT TONIGHT. Thats another 6 hours.

Only 40L till then.

Check out more Specials for Saturday Night Fever on the Rumor Website:

Here is a Pic – Come check us out! Just Search Razorblade Jacket In Second Life. Walk in and look to the Left.

A Depraved New Year

Hey, Depraved Nation is holding its first 2011 grid wide hunt starting TODAY!


50 Kick ass stores with free gifts for you to find. Follow the blog link on the side to see all the stores and slurs for this hunt.

Here is the Razorblade Jacket Gift: Animated Prim Eyes!


See you guys on the grid. Don’t forget to Join the Depraved Events Groups if you have any questions or need help hunting. Just search “Depraved Events.”

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