Posting to Depraved Nation Flickr Pool///

You may post whatever pictures you would like to our Flickr Pool. 🙂 They do not have to be pictures of Depraved Nation or even related

SL is a big place and one of the coolest parts is getting to see what the community is doing. Limiting what people do and share sucks.

We are open to everyone’s interpretations and skill levels in SL – so do not be shy – Join the pool and start Posting!

We have limited 4 pictures a day allowed to be uploaded per person – Yes, we want everyone to share but we want to give everyone a chance – People flooding the pool with 20 of the same type of pictures … nah. Pick the ones you like the most and let everyone see them.


The only Rule///

Nudity and pics of a sexual Nature ARE allowed.

This is a Mature game and a Mature Flickr Pool; however, as Owner and Admin to this group I reserve the right to remove any picture I see that violates our Flickr Pool Rule:

Posting pictures that are insulting to Race/Gender/Sexuality/or promote Child endangerment or abuse will be 100% not tolerated and may even result in SL bans from our Events or Region.

Thx for not being a jackass,

Kehl Razor