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The Dirty Turkey Hunt 6.0

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November 1 – 30, 2015

Depraved Nations Feature event – The Dirty Turkey Hunt is back for it’s 6th year!  The Dirty Turkey Hunt marks the beginning of events hosted by Depraved Nation and features a wide variety of stores giving hunters a FREE gift for finding the hidden hunt object at each designers main store!  Designers are encouraged to offer gifts that may venture outside of their normal design spectrum, all in the spirit of the hunt!  Typically hunters will find gifts ranging from clothing, tattoos, accessories, furniture, poses, and usually some naughty treats that fit somewhere in between.

Make sure you join the Depraved Events group in world to get helpful hints and delightful chatter from fellow hunters!  Please be respectful of designers and fellow hunters.

You can view a gallery of hunt gifts HERE


#01 Razor ///
Hint: You’ll need assistance to go through stock, if you want to find the right size
#02 1 Hundred.
Hint: Find Something NEW!
#03 Essences
#04 Glitzz
Hint: Tic-tac….. tic-tac… my clock does…
#05 Heartistic
Hint: May the Hearts Shine down on you.
#06 UNiQ PhaZe
Hint: its in the hand
#07 Insanya
Hint: Just sit and relax
#08 MOoH!
Hint: Find me between all the boxes with junk, books and memories
#09 Legal Insanity
Hint: what about a turkey in the Sahara desert, I’m sure you’ll find where he will go searching for fresh!
#10 QE Designs
Hint: Alchemy is a lost art.
#11 .ARISE.
Hint: Try it as much as u can, maybe you are the lucky one!
#12 HollyWeird. 
Hint: Lets Play House
#13 Kaithleen’s
Hint: I will just hang up here.
Hint: Everyone loves them tata’s
#15 whatever
Hint: where your feet get happy and your husband poor
#16 The Little Bat
Hint: Got crabs?
#17 blissiere
Hint: turkey thinks he’s safe if he can pass himself off as last month’s goods.  
#18 Indecent Exposure
Hint: I need substance to survive, without I will die
#19 NoName
Hint: What do you call an Alaskan cow?
#20 Stelloane
Hint: Turkeys loves gowns 😉
#21 Infliction
Hint: Take a walk, cross a stream, maybe there i will be seen
#22 BASTA!
Hint: Omg, one of these lights just stared at me – with turkey eyes!! 😮
#23 cheeky 
Hint: look down
#24 Endless Pain Tattoos
Hint: Stairs and Pumpkins
#25 SuPerBia
Hint: I love the smell of wood
#26 the pose shop.
Hint: you are out of this world.
#27 .SALT
Hint: Let’s try on some stuff in the changing room !!
#28 etham
Hint: Something near me is randomly changing
#29 ECCO Jewelry & Accessories 
Hint: What’s Black & White and Round all Over?
#30 Stix
Hint: Baaaa baaa little sheep, have you and wool….
#31 Horr Menswear
Hint: Cash is King
#32 Cubic Cherry Kre-ations
Hint: I love cherry blossom, are those horns?
#33 Toxic High
Hint: Sit the f**k down and get comfy
#34 .:* LOULOU&CO *:.
Hint: sit down and listen music
Hint: What do you prefer Stag or Bunny ?
Hint: When you look into the mirror what do you see?
#37 epoch
Hint: you won’t bewreath this.
#38 Merlific
Hint: What thime is it?
#39 7 Deadly s{K}ins
Hint: It is a man’s world
#40 B-Dazzled
Hint: “Once a STAR, always a STAR”
Hint: Ugggghhh walked all this way and forgot my new plant!
#42 ::styled@random::
Hint: I’m swaying in the wind with my new friends, as i look down on all who enter the store.
#43 Sweet Evil
Hint: Let me just look that up on the computer for you…
#44 bubble
Hint: What about some limited editions?
#45 .Winged.
Hint: Pumpkins..pumpkins everywhere!
#46 Twinkle
Hint: We’re up all night to get lucky!
#47 Ducknipple
Hint: flying high
#48 Duh!
Hint: Brrrrrrr, wish there was a real fire in there.
Hint: Say Meowwww…. !!!
#50 OMG! Inc.
Hint: Look above and ‘Don’t blow me off!’
#51 Holli Pocket
Hint: You can hang your pretties here too!
#52 Hogs and Cart Wheels
Hint: Ring for Service
#53 Praxis
Hint: Stop and smell the roses
#54 String Me Up
Hint: I’ll buy that for a dollar
#55 Faerietale Designs
Hint: I dressed up as a marshmellow for Halloween
#56 ILLI
Hint: what is he hiding behind those shoeboxes
Hint: “im ready for the Tea time”
#58 Body Factory
Hint: “You can clean the floor”
#59 Juxtapose
Hint: The sheep are loose!
#60 .:Joplino:. Poses
Hint: All news for you!
#61 forever young
Hint: Stars light up my life!
#62 La Boheme
Hint: This looks more like alchemy than turkey stuffing makin’s!
#63 (Bust)
Hint: it’s lonely on this side
#64 7mad;Ravens
Hint: Baby, you’re a star
#65 Luckie
Hint: All about the Sweets in that Sweet time
#66 Sour Pickles
Hint: Check the hint giver
#67 -SECRETS- 
Hint: Round I am and just under you look for me!
#68 TnT Palais
Hint: A good place to go for some green tea.
#69 Elation
Hint: Bet you wish I’d shed some light on this hunt item’s location.
#70 B*FLY Tattoos
Hint: You have a leg to sit on
#71 Greymoon
Hint: look beneath the way to get up.
Hint: Take the pen and draw me something nice.
#73 {Fe Style}
Hint: open those little eyes…
#74 MELONopolis
Hint: I guess I’m a bit of a diamond in the rough!
#75 Pin Me Down
Hint: Bats? I thought Halloween was over?
#76 Vindiktive
Hint: Sometimes a 90210 pooch needs a wardrobe too!
#77 Leri Miles Designs
Hint: In the midst of chaos is where I will be.
Hint: Could get a little hot
#79 Latreia FootFashions
Hint: Btwn the wings of an angel
Hint: sooooo curte! :3
#81 BellePoses
Hint: I’m the Queen!!
#82 BabyDoll.
Hint: show me your wings of hearts
#83 M&M Incorporated
Hint: This will make you “Beary” happy
#84 Bodhi
Hint: Stairway to Heaven
#85 UrbanStreet
Hint: Today is a hot day, receive my shadow with decorum, come and sit here and find my treasure
#86 Diamante
#87 Rispetto Designs
Hint: Just ask Gregory
#88 Bella Elephante
Hint: Stitch that smerk off your face!
#89 MYNX
Hint: I’m gonna swing from…
#90 Du Jour
Hint: twinkle twinkle little star…
#91 .::WoW Skins::.
Hint: Her name is like the beauty at museum”
#92 .Facade.
Hint: You just might need a ladder.
#93 The Style Guy 
Hint: Chewbacca is my homeboy
#94 Static
Hint: The cat’s meow
#95 IDK
Hint: Old Float
#96 V-Spot
Hint: Behind the wheel of the white machine
#97 Entity
Hint: Look at the future, love is in red blood
#98 DIX
Hint: We Are In The Money Now
#99 bad unicorn clothing
Hint: My handwriting sucks!
#100 *Tiffany Designs*
Hint: You can find me behind men group gift!