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The Boys of Summer

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The Boys of Summer

July 16 – 31, 2016

Designers Apply Here

Event Details:

The Boys of Summer is a Depraved Nation Fair centered around mens appearance, fashion, accessories and this year we will welcome furniture / decor!

This fair will have a very basic summer theme, and of course, be centered around men. Participating brands will be given a shop space to display their store content in, all content must be related to or designed for the Male Avatar.

Here are the event details:

¤ Event will run from July 16 – 31, 2016

¤ The cost to participate in this event is 2,999L$

¤ Each participating brand will be allowed 80 prims to use for set up. Extra prims may be available at the time of set up, these will be issued as space allows and at an additional cost of 35L per prim.

¤ Participation in this event will require one NEW release that will remain EXCLUSIVE to the event until the event ends.

¤ There is no pricing limitation or discount required

¤ Only mens items will be allowed to be displayed at this event. That may include skins, hair, clothing, accessories, or anything that will alter or enhance the avatars appearance or furniture / decor. >> Unisex items should be marketed toward men…i.e, displays / vendor pics <<

¤ This event will take place on a full region and will require joining our Depraved Promotions group to set up.

¤ We will have a group of bloggers specifically chosen to cover this event. You will have the opportunity through the Depraved Promotions group, to send out review copies of your new release. Review copies are optional.

If you are interested in joining us in this event or have further questions related to participation, please let us know ASAP! If you’d like to join, please complete the online application. Once your brand has been accepted, we will send you an acceptance NC and you can make your payment at that time.

***In order to secure your spot, the fee must be paid at the time of acceptance. You can make this payment directly to Heather Smithson.

Thanks for all your time and consideration,

Heather Razor
Depraved Nation


Information for Bloggers:

Depraved Nation has very specific guidelines for bloggers covering our fairs. Please make sure you read through AND completely understand these guidelines prior to applying to cover the event.

Blogs containing auto playing music, noises, videos, etc. will NOT be reviewed. If I open your blog to review it and get blaring sounds, I will close and move on.

Bloggers are required to join the Depraved Promotions Group in-world in order to receive review copies and have early access to the venue.

Bloggers are required to complete at least ONE post prior to the opening of the event – this post may simply include the event flyer and event information.

Bloggers are required to complete at LEAST 3 posts PER WEEK throughout the duration of the fair. These posts should include multiple items and items should be clearly labeled and outlined in your post to reflect both the designer AND the event in which shoppers may acquire the products from.

**Please note, this event runs for just over 2 weeks and the number of required posts was changed to reflect the length of the event in order to maximize exposure***

Bloggers are required to use our submission form to share blog posts on a weekly basis with a complete list of your posts throughout the event.

Review copies are optional as not all designers enjoy working directly with bloggers.

A complete list of official bloggers will be sent to each participating brand, if they should choose to send review copies, they will. Please do not harass designers by repeatedly asking for their items.

By submitting your application to cover this event you acknowledge that you have read and understood the requirements for this event. Should you not uphold your end of the deal, you will be removed from the Depraved Promotions group and you will not be accepted to blog future events.

In the event that something comes up which will prevent you from covering this event as required, you are expected to submit a NC to Heather Smithson ASAP so your name can be removed as an official blogger for the event.

Upon completion of the event, if you have met your minimum requirements you will have the option of remaining in the Depraved Promotions group. This group is used for ALL Depraved Events and review copies for other events such as hunts, sales and gacha fairs often go out to bloggers in the group as a whole. These other events are optional and do not require an application.

If you have any questions or need clarification about the requirements of this event please contact Heather Smithson and I will be happy to help you understand them completely.

If you are accepted as a blogger for The Boys of Summer, you will receive a NC and a group invite mid May, prior to review copies being sent through the group. Please let me know at your earliest convenience if you would like to withdraw your application for this event.

Thank you in advance for your interest in covering a Depraved Event. If you have any questions please IM Heather Smithson and I’ll be happy to answer them for you!

Bloggers Apply Here