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The Blues // NOW CLOSED //

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Sponsored By:  7mad;Ravens, Geek., etham, Atelier N.M, A:S:S, Dyer Maker, JesyDream, Munique Men , twenty13 & Razor

The Blues is a Depraved Nation GRID WIDE Hunt for the guys!  The Blues will consist of 50 High Quality stores who cater to mens fashion and accessories.  Each hunt prize will cost 5L$ and will be hidden in the participating designers mainstore location.  When the hunt starts a list of stores with their hints & SLURLs will be listed below to help you along your way.  Make sure you join the Depraved Events group inworld for helpful hints from other hunters and friendly chat!


SLURLs are linked to each designers brand on the hunt list for your convenience.  If you happen across a LM that doesn’t work or takes you to the wrong location you may use these in its place.  Some stores were not ready at walk through time so if you notice a skip by their name simply move onto the next store, once they are all set up and ready to go we will send a notice through the Depraved Events group to let you know!


#01 Razor
Hint: Are you Friend or Foe?
#02 7mad;Ravens  
Hint: You never cross my mind
#03 Anachron
Hint: It has four corners, but only one has a leg…
#04 etham
Hint: Check out the beams.
#05 Atelier N.M
Hint: Please try a demo before purchasing
#06 A:S:S
Hint: Up, up you go!
#07 Dyer Maker
Hint: i´m well sitting and relaxed with other guys waiting for you 🙂
#08 JesyDream
Hint: Hikaru
#09 Munique Men
Hint: Gatcha! GATCHAAAA!!! Everyone loves gacha 😀
#10 twenty13
Hint: Love is all you need
Hint: Look up, its hidden in nature follow the ring of birds
#12 Fa Tru
Hint: Dallas got a bad azz new Necklace he wearing
#13 Riske
Hint: All steamed up
#14 iRetro
Hint: Kick back and relax
Hint: CURTAINLY there!
#16 TartCake
Hint: Don’t go chasing waterfalls
#17 Citrus
Hint: You are the light of my life.
#18 Elysium Skins & Apparel
Hint: Sit, relax and watch the little water
#19 -UtopiaH-
Hint: Look For Leg Tattoo
#20 Fe Style
Hint: Walls
Hint: Welcome, look up!
#22 J&A Rock Culture
Hint: When you see some outfits, you can look for me!
#23 Duh!
Hint: Rest those weary legs a bit.
#24 Urban Wealth
Hint: “Art Is Essential”
Hint: Dont be so Blue, come check out the new set up for our discount room. I heard there is a red white and BLUE t-shirt back here.
#26 V-Spot
Hint: Near your feet where you’d get something new….
#27 //elephante poses//
Hint: “Don’t lie to me, I’m the man of the hour!”
#28 faboo
Hint: Don’t break your neck!
Hint: little red riding hood and the wolf
#30 Goth1c0
Hint: A shiny black star…
#31 [sYs] Design
Hint: “Search the Mouse”
#32 Damselfly Hair
Hint: In the Mens its not far below but way up high!
#33 SwaggedOut
Hint: Kick off your shoes and relax your feet.
#34 Image Essentials
Hint: Blinded by the Light
Hint: Find this symbol of innocence purity and love. look around and you will find me.
#36 Body Factory
Hint: “you will have a good view”
#37 Gothyrotica
Hint: Sit with me on this railing
#38 .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::.
Hint: ” The King will try to make you fall in tempations”
#40 Nerd Monkey
Hint: Are you tired of search for? Just relax and take a snack
#41 Juxtapose
Hint: Muttonchops
#42 Fashionlicious
Hint: You know its fun and games
#43 xKorruptedx
Hint: I’ll Know If You’re Stealing.
#44 Identity Body Shop
Hint: Everybody’s got a dark side.
#45 Horr Menswear
Hint: How does it feel to treat me like you do?
When you’ve laid your hands upon me and told me who you are.
#46 Ducknipple
Hint: Out of the blue
#47 Legal Insanity
Hint: play that electric guitar!
#48 Hostyle Shapes
Hint: Where the magic happens
#49 .::AFtershok::.
Hint: ok seriously that moose is scary, I am pretty sure he can’t see me but could hear if i’m not really really quiet.
#50 Reckless
Hint: Keep Scrolling