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The Autumn Effect // NOW CLOSED

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The Autumn Effect
Sept. 15 – Oct. 15, 2015


The Autumn Effect is a Depraved Nation GRID WIDE Hunt. This hunt will represent 77 SL Brands! Each brand will be offering free gifts for hunters who are successful at finding the hidden hunt object in their main stores!

Make sure you join the Depraved Events group to keep up to date on who’s doing who or what, when and why…it’s useful for hunt questions as well. All store SLURL’s and hints will be posted on our website before the hunt officially starts, make sure you check there often for any changes or problems discovered along the way. If you encounter an issue that has not yet been posted please IM or send a NC to Heather Smithson right away.

Spread the word, don’t venture out alone, grab your friends and hit the grid. As always, our main goal is to make sure you have fun. Be respectful to us and participating designers by following our few simple rules!

*Please do NOT message designers asking where hunt items are hidden. Do not message designers to complain about their FREE Gift…this will result in your being removed from the Depraved Events group.

*Do not give direct TP’s to hunt prizes.

*Do NOT give specific identifying information in group chat, this spoils the fun of the hunt for everyone.

*Do not bash designers OR their gifts in group chat. These gifts are free, designers work hard on their creations and any violation of this rule will result in your being removed from the Depraved Events group! If you don’t like an item, simply delete it!

#01 Razor ///
Hint:  Satisfaction guaranteed, baby…
#02 HollyWeird
Hint: Let the Puppet Master pull your strings…
#03 Secrets
Hint: “Any doubt? A message you can send!!
#04 Unkindness
Hint: Lights, Camera, Action!
#05 7mad;Ravens
Hint: Rock’s not dead
#06 AlterEgo
Hint: We ♥ Pandas, they eat Bamboo
Hint: Spice it up!
#08 1 Hundred
Hint: Dare to be shameless!
#09 Insanya
Hint: Search the dark waves.
#10 Reckless
Hint: Don’t forget your change
Hint: It’s all wood.
#12 Endless Pain Tattoos
Hint: Throne
#13 Holli Pocket
Hint: Twinkle twinkle little brown star!
#14 Kenvie
Hint: girls love shoes but what kind of shoe is it
#15 Duh!
Hint: They are not all pumpkins
#16 Speakeasy
Hint: BE SMART WITH SHARPS! Dispose your needles
#17 cheeky
Hint: is it open?
#18  bubble 
Hint: what´new?
#19 abrasive
Hint: Mounted high with a single horn
#20 LX Essentials 
Hint: Just hit enter.
#21 SuPerBia
Hint: Even here you can grow some grass
#22 Epic
Hint: Ewww bird poop!
#23 J&A Rock Culture 
Hint: Male or female? The answer is on the shelf!
#24 Diamante
Hint: Watch for Fatal Grasps…
#25 V-Spot
Hint: This T-Shirt will go great with the lone sneakers!!
#26 epoch
Hint: The stairs will lead the way.
#27 The Little Bat
Hint: TOPS-y Turvey!
#28 VG Shoes
Hint: “Take a sit and enjoy the view”
#29 Glitzz
Hint: “Lingerie is my passion! What’s yours?”
Hint: keep yourself on the down low
#31 the pose shop
Hint: Have a seat, take a load off.
#32 blissiere
Hint: “gacha falling in love with this one.”
#33 Toxxic Pandora
Hint: So sad that Summer is coming to an end.
#34 Something New 
Hint: As the leaves fall watch me tumble for you
#35 Void Design
Hint: Bats In The Belltower
#36 dollle
Hint: Turtleneck sweaters will keep you warm in this autumn winter.
#37 Tantalum Jewelry
Hint: So many prizes, I should try my luck…. It’s a rarity to find such nice things!!!
#38 Luckie
Hint: Lets get JEGGIE with these humps that hide me 🙂
Hint: Time for some refreshment
#40 Infliction
Hint: Look for the light, where it shines, you will find.
#41 Dita Couture 
Hint: Cause Autumn is mark in my skin
#42 Sweet Evil 
Hint: Time to get a manicure!
#43 MOoH! 
Hint: Such a fun and cosy crate, want to sit and play!
#44 ECCO 
Hint: Read any good books lately?
#45 Que Bella! 
Hint: Cats got gacha fever!
#46 Bodhi 
Hint: Pumpkin Spice Latte
#47 ZOZ 
Hint: Play a little tune
#48 SwaggedOut
Hint: Only the strong SURVIVE
#49 Goth1c0 
Hint: Magic happens around this place, a staff a crown is what’s needed to success.
#50 Hogs & Cart Wheels 
Hint: The cops will take you for a spin!
#51 StormCrow Designs 
Hint: If u find *Trudy* and look up…you will deffo find me also!!
#52 The Plastik 
Hint: I think i’ll go away for a weekender.
#53 B-Dazzled 
Hint: “Hope the water doesn’t ruin me”
#54 Heartistic 
Hint: King and Queen
#55 BASTA! 
Hint: How about a cup of hot chocolate?
#56 OMG! Inc 
Hint: Luv Me’ and you will find me.
#57 Trashed 
Hint: The VIP lights up in me
#58 Grumble
Hint: You’ve been webbed.
#59 Entity
Hint: ITSY BITSY SPIDER went to medieval world. Does not rhyme… who cares?
#60 Toxic High 
Hint: My sheep became a writer
#61 NoName 
Hint: “What do you use to mend a jack o’lantern?”
Hint: Get back to work!
Hint: Empty Space!
Hint: Overlooking Seven Wishes Plaza
#65 Manik Queen 
Hint: Feeling a lil “Fancy”?
#66 Come Soon Poses 
Hint: Cause Autumn is the Love station.
#67 Supernatural 
Hint: Do not look at the dog it can bite you!
#68 paper moon 
Hint: You can be in the middle of everything, and still have time to look out the window
#69 CIRCA Living 
Hint: “Warming up by the fire, keeping the fall chill away.”
#70 Catastrophe Designs 
Hint: ‘This’ won’t save you if you’re drowning’
#71 UrbanStreet 
Hint: walking walking to my destination
I rest my feet and looked as linked squares
soft as clouds, I lower my gaze, finding my destination.
#72 SALT 
Hint: “It’s quite chilly. Let’s go and sit by the fireplace.”
#73 Afterlyfe 
Hint: Sweet like candy!
#74 PICHI 
Hint: i need beauty!
#75 G.ID 
Hint: “A chair’s function is not just to provide a place to sit it is to provide a medium for self-expression”
#76 Cheeky Pea
Hint: Take a seat and gather some info
#77 7 Deadly Skins 
Hint: Secrecy is the chastity of friendship
Hint: Where the shines shine.
#79 UniQ Phaze
Hint:  take a load off and rest your feet

Enjoy the hunt!

Heather Smithson
Depraved Nation