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Pink Fusion ///// ENDED /////


Sponsored By:  Razor///, 1 Hundred, EDELFABRIK, Gawk!, Insanya, Lolita, REIGN, Sassy!, Somnia & TartCake

Depraved Pink Fusion 2014

Pink Fusion is a Depraved Nation GRID WIDE Hunt for the ladies!  Pink Fusion will consist of High Quality stores personally invited by us who have agreed to provide a new, high quality hunt prize.  Each hunt prize will cost 5L$ and will be hidden in the participating designers mainstore location.  When the hunt starts a list of stores with their hints & SLURLs will be listed below to help you along your way.

You can view the gallery of items provided in this hunt by the participating stores by clicking HERE




#01 Razor 
Hint: Medusa only has eyes for you
#02 1 Hundred
Hint: Find Bad Kitty!
#03 Gawk!
Hint: Oh no, some seagulls stolen the Hunt item!
#04 Insanya
Hint: Zero!
#05 Lolita
Hint: We have a pink butterfly top, dont let it fly away!
Hint: Always Make Sure You Got The Right Size.
#07 Somnia
Hint: Try not to get wet when searching.
#08 TartCake
Hint: When wine classes cling you say?
#09 Sassy!
Hint: You’ll miss the good stuff if you look down at your feet as you come into the store.
Hint: “Take care in the bermudas-triangles under the red plane!”
#11 Milk
Hint: So calming.
#12 Reckless
Hint: “puff puff pass”
Hint: Make a wish
#14 Holli Pocket
Hint: Always remember to try it on before you buy!
Hint: Take the money and run.
#16 Panda Punx Body Shop
Hint: Your gift is between Quinn & Kyri
#17 Ducknipple
Hint: Chicken cant fly
#18 Zombie Suicide
Hint: cut the skin make it bleed
#19 AlterEgo
Hint: You Look Sexy!
#20 Cheeky
Hint: not the sun
Hint: Look behind a curtain!
#22 Leri Miles Designs
Hint: Do you know about our wishlist?
#23 Epic
Hint: You’ll need this for massacres in Texas!
Hint: Under the bunny books.
#25 trs
Hint: Plug me in and turn up the volume
#26 PiCHi
Hint: Go on and break your wings
#27 elska
Hint: Mirror, mirror on the wall…
#28 Latreia Foot Fashion
Hint: past the gachas….. look for the kawaii with the mustache 🙂
#29 Cynful
Hint: Look out for the cash! <3
#30 UtopiaH
Hint: if the gift you want to get, to the second floor you have to go
#31 Legal Insanity
Hint: I can be classical or electric
#32 d o l l l e
Hint: The Bunny, the Bunny, whoa I love the Bunny !
#33 bubble
Hint: Ask Donna, she saw it!
#34 Le Primitif
Hint: Stocks Are In
#35 Riske
Hint: Sit on me
#36 Forever Young
Hint: Nice and Comfy
#37 LouLou&Co.
Hint: Look out ! It might bite you.
#38 The Plastik
Hint: Watch your head!
#39 Geek.
Hint: Rawr means ‘I love you’ in Dinosaur
#40 Xplosion
Hint: The cat does his best to keep the column (Clothes Section)
#41 ellemeno
Hint: oh. my. gacha.
#42 KIM
Hint: Tired? Take a seat.
Hint: look with your nose up.
#44 S H O C K Factory
Hint: ” i’m gonna send it to outer space “
#45 Pink Acid
Hint: Swinging from the ceiling
#46 BabyDoll.
Hint: Ohh look…so much group gifts… 😀
#47 MODA
Hint: ” I am next to the register.”
#48 Hebenon Vial
Hint: Behind glass doors
#49 Grumble
Hint: But first, let me take a #selfie!
#50 Blah.
Hint: “Not only a prince can be CHARMING”