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Luck of The Irish Gacha Fair

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March 13 – 27, 2016

Luck of The Irish Gacha Fair will be a SIM WIDE event held on our Metropolis Sim. This event will be built on a 3 Tier set-up, with the top Tier (Tier 1)  being the landing point / Sponsor area. Participating brands will have a choice between tiers, please see below for complete details.

Here are the rules:

It’s pretty simple really! We provide the Gacha Machines, you determine the content, number of items, and price.

♣ Each participating brand must provide at least one Gacha that contains new content

We do recommend new content for each Gacha as this will improve sales however this is not mandatory.

♣ New Gachas are exclusive to the event throughout the duration, these may be sold in your mainstores once the event has ended.

♣ All items placed in the gacha machine must be no copy / transfer
Event Details:

♣ As stated above, there will be 2 options for participants to choose from.

♣ Tier 2 machines will be priced at 599L each. These will be located directly below the sponsor tier and will be available on a first come, first serve basis.

♣ Tier 3 machines will be priced at 349L each. These will be located on the bottom tier of the event.

♣ When completing the online application, you MUST specify how many Gacha Machines you would like (1, 2 or 3). These will be paid for in advance and reserved for you at the venue.

♣ When completing the online application, you MUST specify which Tier you would like. Obviously not all stores will fit on Tier 2, availability is first come first serve – Tier 1 is reserved for sponsors.

Additional machines on each tier may be available for purchase. The number of available machines on each tier will be dependent on event participation and reservations made on each tier.

If you are interested in participating in this event, please fill out our online application form.


If you have any questions please feel free to IM or NC Heather Smithson and I will be happy to answer those for you!


Thank you for your consideration in joining our event & your continued support!

Heather Smithson
Depraved Nation