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Jack or Jill 5.0

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February 1 – 29, 2016

❤ Jack or Jill is a split path hunt that will send hunters down 2 paths, one for males and one for females. Designers on each path will offer gender appropriate gifts to hunters who find the designated hunt object in their store. Please check back for a complete list of participating Designers and a photo gallery showing each brands prize for the hunt!  You are welcome to join the Depraved Events group in world for information and help along the way!  This is a FREE hunt. ❤  Galleries for each hunt path featuring the gifts are available HERE

Start Location: Razor /// Main Store
Hint:  It’s terminal

Female Path

#01 Glitzz
Hint: Tic-Tac move the clock
#02 bubble
Hint: What´s Frosty?
#03 Supernatural
Hint: I’m blonde, I have an angelic face and my name begins with the letter N, meet me and you will get a great surprise.
#04 dollle*
Hint: I Love Red Heart
#05 Insanya
Hint: losing my religion
#06 Empyrean Forge
Hint: By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea! Take a seat and you’ll find me!
#07 1 Hundred.
Hint: Try the NEW Corner
#08 G O S S I P
Hint: First thing you see when you walk through the door, last place you stop before exiting the store.
#09 Zombie Suicide
Hint: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!!!
#10 Phedora
Hint: Do you wish a receipt?
#11 Ducknipple
Hint: Nailed to the wall
#12 UNiQ PhaZe
Hint: the horn says it all
#13 Culco
Hint: A hat treat for you.
#14 Glamrus
Hint:What girl doesn’t like roses?
Hint: Up and down or in between… People always pushing my buttons.
#16 Dita Couture
Hint: Find the little mouse
#17 Luckie
Hint: We used to save information on these back in the day, rather Retro now.
#18 Que Bella!
Hint: Stairway To Heaven
#20 Dark Magic Poses
Hint: All females love bunnies. Look for something that LOOKS like a black rabbit for your prize.
#21 cheeky
Hint: lie down here
#22 MOoH!
Hint: Cornered by the drapes
#23 TrevaH
Hint: The eyes are the windows of the soul, find the right window and you will find me.
#24 .SALT
Hint: All you need is LOVE!
Hint: You spin me right round.
#26 Grumble
Hint: I must give you credit…
#27 Sweet Evil
Hint: Everyone likes something new!
#28 MYNX
Hint: Journey
#30 Bella Elephante
Hint: Do-Re-Mi I bet you can’t find me!
#31 //elephante poses//
Hint: “You Look Sexy give me All Or Nothing”
#32 Dark Passions – Koffin Nails
Hint: Step by step. You’ll find me near the top.
#33 .:* LOULOU&CO *:.
Hint: Try your luck !
#34 Holli Pocket
Hint: Check out the new gachas
#35 .:String Me Up:.
Hint: Onward and Upward
#36 B-Dazzled
Hint: “I might be around the Dub-a-U (say it fast!)”
#37 MELONopolis
Hint: Oh No! Hurry! It’s on FIRE!!!
#38 Phoebe ~Piercings & more~
Hint: I’m lazy’
#39 Vindiktive
Hint: Sometimes a nice rest is in order.
#40 epoch
Hint: Down the rabbit hole we go.

Male Path

#01 The Little Bat
Hint: Nothing is hotter then a neon sign!
#02 Bad Unicorn
Hint: Everything you should own, in the back to the left
Hint: Hello! I can help?
#04 Chop Shop!
Hint: She sure has a funny-looking eye..
#05 Style So Chic
Hint: I could brighten anyones heart!!!
#06 Zibska
Hint: Bird is the word.
#07 Tori’s Stylez
Hint: Style & Class,cant beat a man in a suit
#08 Goth1c0
Hint: Hi Marilyn!!…
#09 Raw House
Hint: If you’re a fan, its up to you.
#10 Rispetto Designs
Hint: Just look up!
#11 Something New
Hint: tomorrow is the day we all hate, so dont be FOOLISH put your feet up today!
#12 Verocity
Hint: The Throne calls for you
Hint: Sometimes it’s nice to be tied up
#14 Come Soon Poses
Hint: February is the month of all loving couples celebrate love
#15 TANTALUM Jewelry
Hint: These lovers are rooted!
#16 LX Essentials
Hint: The Circus Was in Town
#17 7 Deadly sKins
Hint: If it’s the right chair, it doesn’t take too long to get comfortable in it
Hint: Maybe Barry seen this damn prize!
Hint: In the middle of the ritual…
#20 Indecent Exposure
Hint: Guardian of the Galaxy, Whiskey and Cigars is all I need
#21 Endless Pain Tattoos
Hint: Alpha or Omega
#22 B*FLY Tattoos
Hint: His board will point you in the right direction.
#23 .Façade.
Hint: Where there is a fire, I can take you higher.
#24 PMS – Pimp My Sh!t
Hint: Make yourself comfortable
#25 Since 1975
Hint: Back of the vendor.
#26 SuPerBia
Hint: sometimes strange, it is the most beautiful
#27 Ty’d and True Poses
Hint: Bask in the warmth of the fire.
#28 The Style Guy
Hint: Root root root for the home team!
#29 Faerietale Designs
Hint: Do I go this way, or that way?
Hint: Please skip ahead
#31 TrAsHeD
Hint: jack jumped over that candlestick
#32 etham
Hint: Look for the gradient.
#33 CIRCA Living
Hint: “My heart lights up and melts for you”
#34 Hogs & Cart Wheels
Hint: Won’t be long now till Christmas, so let’s decorate our special tree
#35 Horr Menswear
Hint: The Light has what you seek.
#36 *~* RnB Designs Furniture *~*
Hint: I’m in love
#37 Poseology
Hint: Sign off.
#38 Plastik
Hint: “Keep it secret, Keep it safe.”
Hint: This store is DOPE
#40 BEAST.