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Depraved Holiday Madness

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Depraved Holiday Madness

December 18 – January 1

Depraved Nation is hosting a simple Holiday sale! Participating designers will bring discounted items to a central location in the Depraved Nation Mall. New / Redesigned releases are encouraged but not required!

Requirements for the event are listed below – please ensure you are able to follow through before committing to the event.

↘ The cost to participate is 1,000L$

↘ Designers will be given 25 prims to use for setup

↘ Designers are encouraged to use holiday / winter type items in this sale but this is not required.

↘ Each participating brand will be asked to place a free gift in their designated space – in spirit of the holiday!

↘ New / Redesigned releases are encouraged – not required

↘ Designers will need to be fully set up and ready to go by opening

↘ There are no set pricing guidelines however each item should be reduced in price at least 50%

↘ Designers will be required to join a separate group (other than Depraved Promotions) to rez on the sim

↘ Designers will be asked if they would like to use gachas – we will have a designated gacha area for this event – gacha machines will be provided and must be purchased. Please choose the number of machines you would like when signing up and we will reserve those for you.

**Gachas will not be allowed in your designated space – using gachas requires purchasing machines in the gacha area.

If you would like to join us please fill out the short app and be prepared to pay your participation fee upon acceptance.


Designers will be notified of acceptance as applications start coming in – please keep an eye out for the acceptance NC! We are looking forward to having a great group of designers join us! Please let me know if you have any questions!


Heather Smithson
Depraved Nation