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Depraved Black Friday

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Depraved Black Friday

November 22 – 30, 2016

Depraved Nation is hosting a simple Black Friday sale!  Participating designers will bring discounted items to a central location in the Depraved Nation Mall.  New / Redesigned releases are encouraged but not required!

Requirements for the event are listed below – please ensure you are able to follow through before committing to the event.

↘ The cost to participate is 1,000L$

↘ Designers will be given 25 prims to use for setup

↘ New / Redesigned releases are encouraged – not required

↘ Designers will need to be fully set up and ready to go by opening

↘ There are no set pricing guidelines however each item should be reduced in price at least 25%

↘ Designers will be required to join a separate group (other than Depraved Promotions) to rez on the sim

↘ Designers wishing to include a gacha machine may do so – limit 1 per brand

If you would like to join us please fill out the short app and be prepared to pay your participation fee upon acceptance.

Designer Application