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The Thrift Shop 6.0 // NOW CLOSED //

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Depraved Nation has a very strict policy against the use of copyright protected items/images used in creations that are displayed at our events.  The use of licensed characters, RL clothing or product brands, famous people or any product that represents them are considered a violation and will not be allowed.  We uphold LL TOS & Original Content Creators TOS and any product found to be displayed that may violate those TOS will be removed without warning.  Continued attempts to display items which violate these regulations may lead to permanent removal of your brand from our events.

LL TOS is pretty clear on this issue, I strongly recommend you review their policy regarding Content Licenses and Intellectual Property Rights HERE

In order for an event to be allowed into the Destination Guide, LL TOS must be met and enforced.  Allowing one or two stores to display content that may violate Content Licenses and Intellectual Property Rights can impact the event as a whole, which is unfair to the other participating designers who have joined the event.  You can view the Destination Guide regulations HERE

The Thrift Shop

September 10 – October 1, 2014

The Thrift Shop is a FULL Sim Sales event hosted by Depraved Nation.  Participating Designers place their products at the event for sale to consumers at a price reduced by 50% of its’ normal selling price.  The Thrift Shop offers shoppers a large variety of items all in one place.  In addition to having everything marked down by 50%, each participating store will be providing a new release that will also be marked down by 50%!  Did I mention the TONS of Gachas available to play at the event?

Stores interested in participating should read the requirements below. If you have any questions, please contact Heather Smithson.

✧Participating stores agree to provide at least one new item at this event.

✧✧✧ The new item you provide CAN be a recolor or retexture of an existing item, it CAN be for sale in your mainstore or at other locations, however it needs to be priced at 50% off it’s normal selling price at The Thrift Shop.✧✧✧

Aside from the ONE new item we are requiring, the rest of your set up can be made by existing items you have in your store. The remaining prims may be used for vendor set up or decoration of your space.

✧ There will be limited space available for sponsors. The prim allowance for sponsor stores will be 75 prims. (These spots will be determined when we set up for the event and we will let you know if you have been accepted as a sponsor prior to the start of the event, please indicate on the application if you have an interest in sponsoring…we’d like to know what you’re interested in, but we can’t fit every store in a sponsor space.)

✧ Sponsors will have their name placed on all promotional material related to the event.

✧ The fee to sponsor this event is 1,699L$

ALL items in this event should be marked down at least 50%!!! The details are listed below.

✧ This event will run for 3 weeks, all prices are a flat rate for that 3 week period of time.

✧ The base cost of this event will be 999L$, this will give you a display area and a 50 prim allowance.

✧ We will accept a MAX of 150 stores for this event.

✧ Gacha machines will be available for purchase on the sim, these will be set for sale for your use, they are first come first serve and will cost 349L$ each. (you will need to buy those directly at the sim if you want one or more). Gacha Machines are not allowed in your designated set-up space.

✧ We will have billboards available around the build for advertising your brand with either your store logo OR a vendor ad you would like to display which is currently for sale at The Thrift Shop. These will sale for 599L each, they are first come, first serve and there is NO limit as to how many you may purchase.

The focus of this event is to bring a large variety of designers together in one spot to present a sample of their work. This event is open to all creators (fashion, skins, hair, accessories, furniture, poses, artwork, etc).

This is a SALE event, which is why we do not require EXCLUSIVE items.

We have a NO TOLERANCE policy for stores displaying content protected under the copyright laws and any violation of this will result in those items being returned immediately. (No Gucci bags, Hello Kitty, Michael Jackson, etc.) If you have doubts about an items legality issues, simply don’t use it.

In addition, we have a NO TOLERANCE policy for items that break a TOS agreement (ie. use of templates, selling of mesh templates below content creators allowed pricing, etc.). If you use these items in your creations you must abide by the TOS you agreed to by purchasing them.

While the content you display at this event is entirely up to each participating designer, it is highly recommended that you use different content than what you may have used during previous rounds of this event. The same goes for Gachas, newer stuff or different stuff is only going to improve your overall sales.