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The Thrift Shop 10 // NOW CLOSED!

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August 8 – 29, 2015

Sponsored By:  Diamante, M.Second, Emporium, M&M Incorporated, Tiffany Designs, Style So Chic, Tantalum, Toxxic Pandora, Toxic High, Vertice, Mundos and Razor ///.

The Thrift Shop is a a FULL Sim Sales event hosted by Depraved Nation. Participating Designers place their products at the event for sale to consumers at a price reduced by 50% of it’s normal selling price. The Thrift Shop offers shoppers a large variety of items all in one place. In addition to having everything marked down by 50%, each participating store will be providing a new release that will also be marked down by 50%! Did I mention the TONS of Gachas available to play at the event?


The focus of this event is to bring a large variety of designers together in one spot to present a sample of their work. This event is open to all creators (fashion, skins, hair, accessories, furniture, poses, artwork, etc).  All items for sale at The Thrift Shop must abide by LL TOS, Copyright Laws and Content Creators Pricing Standards.

This is a SALE event, which is why we do not require EXCLUSIVE items.

We have a NO TOLERANCE policy for stores displaying content protected under the copyright laws and any violation of this will result in those items being returned immediately. (No Gucci bags, Hello Kitty, Michael Jackson, etc.) If you have doubts about an items legality issues, simply don’t use it.