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Jack or Jill 4.0 // ENDED

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Jack or Jill
Febuary 1 – 28, 2015

Start Location for both hunt paths is Razor /// Mainstore

Female Path Sponsors: Sassy!, Pink Sugah, Bishes Inc., Infliction, TartCake, dollle, 1 Hundred, ARISE, Epic, A&A Diamante

Male Path Sponsors: AITUI, 7mad;Ravens, 7 Deadly Skins, V-Spot, BRAVURA! Homme, Deadpool, Dyer Maker, F.A.D., Nerd Monkey, Amercan Bazaar

Jack or Jill is a split path hunt that will send hunters down 2 paths, one for males and one for females. Designers on each path will offer gender appropriate gifts to hunters who find the designated hunt object in their store.

Visit our Gallery of Gifts to see what each brand is bringing to the hunt!  **PLEASE NOTE** There is only ONE hunt object hidden @ Razor – it contains both male and female gifts as well as the LM for each hunt path!

Female Path:

#00 Razor /// 
Hint: We need an Enforcer to handle the cheaters
#01 Tartcake 
Hint: It’s in the Cake…
#02 dollle
Hint: ” Looking for a top to wear in this month of love? Check out our Heart Tops ! “
#03 1 Hundred 
Hint: Limited time To get your prize!
#04 ARISE 
Hint: What a nice drawer!
#05 Epic
Hint: Piggies need rest too!
#06 Infliction 
Hint: You’ll find me hidden with the stones.
#07 A&A Diamante 
Hint: Your love has me in a Trance…
#08 Bishes Inc.
Hint: Where does one go to try on clothes in a store?
#09 Pink Sugah 
Hint: “Don’t leave me here where I can’t find you”
#10 Sassy! 
Hint: Not far now. But you have to look up.
#11 ToXiC*H 
Hint: Evildead wears a cross on her dress
#12 ILAYA 
Hint: “feel like a model”
#13 Insanya 
Hint: Under de spotlight
#14 bubble 
Hint: Who doesnt need some undies?
#15 Luckie 
Hint: Smack That Bitch, next to the moon.
#16 the pose shop. 
Hint: dont get LOST as you wander thru the hunt.
#17 ZOZ 
Hint: Not just another pretty face.
#18 joli 
Hint: I have 8 tentacles.
#19 Latreia FootFashions 
Hint: Check out the HUD on the newcandy clogs… its amazing.
Hint: Rug is a Keyword
#21 Leri Miles Designs 
Hint: Keep warm with Livia and don’t forget to accessorize!
#22 A*S 
Hint: Wrap It Up
Hint: but !!! where are these Tattoo Victorian ribbon ?
#24 Chus! 
Hint: Jill took off with the paper cranes.
#25 B-Dazzled 
Hint: “I think she’s pointing to it….”
#26 Style So Chic 
Hint: You will not find me in the darkest of places!
#27 DATUM 
Hint: little ball of fur
#28 Holli Pocket 
Hint: Make sure you try these out before you buy!
#29 Macabre 
Hint: Search on my favorite Flower
#30 MOoH! 
Hint: Even evil pigs have sock drawers.
#31 Tiffany Designs 
Hint: You can find me behind the group gift!
#32 even.flow 
Hint: Rudolph’s red nose was not as glowy as this one.
#33 Bella Elephante 
Hint: “Watch out for the Nightly Shadows!”
#34 Glitzz 
Hint: ” I love my pets!”
#35 Ducknipple 
Hint: The more you seek, the more you’ll find
#36 BabyDoll. 
Hint: I love balloons! 😀
#37 Toxxic Pandora 
Hint: ” Makes GIMME Hands”
#38 The Little Bat 
Hint: Into the woods we go! 
#39 Aphrodisiac 
Hint: Don’t let go of the rails.
#40 Twisted Barbie 
Hint: There’s no such thing as having too many pairs of shoes!
#41 Indyra
Hint: Balance check.
#42 Scene 
Hint: Gotta keep those Slink Hands warm!  
#43 Forever Young 
Hint: Pack your bags!
#44 cheeky 
Hint: where the books are usually  
#45 E C R U 
Hint: “Well lit”
#46 Pink Acid 
Hint: Right Beneath The Stairs
Hint: ” A magical Touch”
#48 Grumble 
Hint: Watch out for the circus animals, they bite!
#49 Tabou Irresistible 
Hint: Mireda hid it carefully.
Hint: I looove shoes <3

Male Path:

#00 Razor /// 
Hint: We need an Enforcer to handle the cheaters
#01 7mad;Ravens 
Hint: Only the noble and virtuous will find me
#02 7 Deadly s{K}ins 
Hint: Must be a screw loose for them to put here all by myself.
#03 V-Spot Male Fashion 
Hint: I think Jack really likes plaid shirts he can tie around his waist… I saw him take his sweater off to try one on!
#04 BRAVURA! Homme 
Hint: “These boots were made for walking”
#05 Deadpool Fashion 
#06 !bang Poses 
Hint: Where the boys hang out
#07 F.A.D. 
Hint: Don’t you just love the smell of leather?
#08 Nerd Monkey 
Hint: “Follow your heart” 
Hint: You look lovely my deer
#10 AITUI 
Hint: Luck of the Draw
#11 Hostyle Shapes 
Hint: Let’s make some magic.
#12 SwaggedOut 
Hint: Lunch time!  
#13 Anachron 
Hint: Indy has it under his hat.
#14 Inhale Tattoo Co 
Hint: “Look above you”
#15 PMS – Pimp My Shit 
Hint: I’m too hot to handle!
#16 Biscuit 
Hint: I grow up big and tall and lose my clothes in the fall
Hint: Guys.. its so Simple(x)!
#18 Duh! 
Hint: Put the game on!
#19 Fe Style 
Hint: Maybe you need to try a demo to get the prize…
#20 Soul Designs 
Hint: You light up my life
#21 Something New 
Hint: Every man should have honor, loyalty and be Proud.
#22 Aphotic 
Hint: It seems I’m under British rule
#23 MiChIGaN’s ShAcK 
Hint: “click the hunt hint sign on the landing point for the most up to date hint”
#24 Fallen Doll 
Hint: “Now I wanna dance, I wanna win. I want that trophy, so dance good.”
#25 elephante poses 
Hint: “The Glory!”
#26 L I T H I U M 
Hint: Round and round I go.
#27 etham 
Hint: Nearby someone is watching you.
#28 Endless Pain Tattoos 
Hint: Flowers are good for the mood
#29 Fujiwara’s World 
Hint: I found the only item for males!
#30 Cubic Cherry Kre-ations 
Hint: heaven or hell?
#31 KOSH 
Hint: Guard your junk, Owl!
#32 Concrete Flowers 
Hint: So big, so yummy!
#33 Identity Body Shop 
Hint: Find the “I” of your Identity.
#34 twenty13 
Hint: I carry my tunes on my back.
#35 Kenvie 
Hint: Looking up makes you dizzy
#36 Hogs and Cart Wheels 
Hint: Play my luck right, I might win a Raffle and a Hunt Prize!
#37 heathenesque 
Hint: Take a fast ride to these cuffs to get your reward
#38 NanTra Poses 
Hint: “Pay your respects to the Godfather, else risk sleeping with the fishes”
#39 UNiQ PhaZe 
Hint: find the black board to get your gift
#40 CuteBomb Designs 
Hint: What goes up, must come down.
#41 Citrus 
Hint: You can find a puck in da hood.
#42 Bomshie 
Hint: Bomshie has a NEW MENS section!
#43 Forever Famous 
Hint: Where You Rest is where you can find me
#44 Aftershok 
Hint: O.o stripes,
#45 OMG! Inc. 
Hint: While my section is not done yet, I keep toasty warm on the mantle.
#46 HollyWeird 
Hint: Tucked Snuggly Away…. Upon the Shelf I must Lay
#47 Catastrophe Designs 
Hint: Your gift is protected by 8 arms
#48 Body Factory 
Hint: “You can play..”
#49 Obscure 
Hint: You can go and pray
#50 Poseology 
Hint: The higher you climb the farther you’ll go, but if you go to far you’ll miss what’s below.