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Project Limited is a FULL SIM Event featuring 65 Brands that are offering New, Exclusive and Original items to shoppers in limited quantities!  This time around we’re doing things a little different.  Not only will the designers be offering limited editions on their first round of releases, they will add a 2nd limited edition release half way through the event!!!  Make sure you stop by and pick up these fabulous items that won’t be available for long.  If you’d like to browse through the gallery and make your shopping list before you get there, all items are included below.


Project Limited July 2014

[img src=]00Deetalez Babette skin
[img src=]00Deetalez Mesh bodysuit
[img src=]00Gawk Maritime summer sweater
[img src=]00Milk The top knot
[img src=]00L.Warwick Ambrosia wedge heels
[img src=]00Anchor n co dip-pose
[img src=]00Anchor n co sweat pants
[img src=]00Arise cut horns
[img src=]00Blah My Starshine pumps melty pink
[img src=]00Blah My Starshine pumps melty violet
[img src=]00Blah My Starshine pumps melty white
[img src=]00Blah My Starshine pumps melty red
[img src=]00Celfiecali
[img src=]00Chariot daksha
[img src=]00Cynful-mercs-leather-short-sleeve-dress
[img src=]00Cynful mercs leather shorts sleeve dress
[img src=]00Damselfly-avril
[img src=]00Damselfly finn
[img src=]00Dappa-geokat-tattoo
[img src=]00Dappa septum piercing
[img src=]00e-clipse-miami
[img src=]00e-clipse urban tait
[img src=]00Epic cosmic candy chiby wings vortex
[img src=]00Epic cosmic candy chiby wings m83
[img src=]00Epic cosmic candy chiby wings sherbet
[img src=]00Epic cosmic candy chiby wings dark berry
[img src=]00geek nessy
[img src=]00geek trickster shoes
[img src=]00Heathenesque hoofies brown horns
[img src=]00Hollipocket bunneh fufu rangs woody edition
[img src=]00Little Bones lose count
[img src=]00MM incorporated naomi wedges
[img src=]00Masoom some like it hot pink
[img src=]00masoom some-like-it hot-yellow
[img src=]00Masoom some like it hot blue
[img src=]00Muka pump rosa
[img src=]00panik candy horns
[img src=]00Panik diablus headband
[img src=]00Reckless-female-tattoos
[img src=]00Reckless male tattoo
[img src=]00Riske Soundwave Headphones
[img src=]00Scene purgatory female
[img src=]00Scene-purgatory-male
[img src=]00Sevenmadravens-battle-worn-wings
[img src=]00Sevenmadravens-battleworn-horns
[img src=]00Sevenmadravens-bloody-horns
[img src=]00Sys st-tropez-hat-bikini
[img src=]00Whatever letter necklace
[img src=]00Lustreage kemoi
[img src=]00lustreage sarabi brow
[img src=]00lustreage uxetattoo
[img src=]00lustreage-yuki
[img src=]00ca-mon-lapin-handbag
[img src=]00alchemy hipster puss
[img src=]00drd burton limited
[img src=]00insanya kaikai dress
[img src=]00Lapointe & Bastchild Mens Cargo Green Skull
[img src=]00Lapointe & Bastchild Mens Cargo Dragon
[img src=]00reign-project-limited-nadeen-wedges
[img src=]00reign-project-limited-saddle
[img src=]00saucy-platform-heels-
[img src=]00the-forge-operator headset
[img src=]00[bubble] Chunky Beads Pastels
[img src=]00[bubble] Chunky Beads Vivid
[img src=]00Bad Apple Bobby Socks
[img src=]00


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