Depraved Pink Fusion 2014


Pink Fusion is a Depraved Nation GRID WIDE Hunt for the ladies!  Pink Fusion will consist of High Quality stores personally invited by us who have agreed to provide a new, high quality hunt prize.  Each hunt prize will cost 5L$ and will be hidden in the participating designers mainstore location.  Start location is Razor/// Mainstore.  TP HERE  For a complete list of hunt participants and the slurls / hints for their store, please visit the event page HERE

Pink Fusion Hunt 2.0 (May 2014)

[img src=]26260#01 Razor
[img src=]21400#02 1 Hundred
[img src=]22250#03 Gawk!
[img src=]23150#04 Insanya
[img src=]21540#05 Lolita
[img src=]26520#06 REIGN
[img src=]22470#07 Somnia
[img src=]23710#08 TartCake
[img src=]22170#09 Sassy!
[img src=]24670#10 EDELFABRIK
[img src=]23740#11 Milk
[img src=]21910#12 Reckless
[img src=]22470#13 SAKIDE
[img src=]21320#14 Holli Pocket
[img src=]21840#15 MoDanna
[img src=]21410#16 Panda Punx
[img src=]19640#17 Ducknipple
[img src=]21480#18 Zombie Suicide
[img src=]19920#19 AlterEgo
[img src=]18850#20 Cheeky
[img src=]18660#21 ARISE
[img src=]20020#22 Leri Miles Designs
[img src=]20240#23 Epic
[img src=]21630#24 NAMINOKE
[img src=]21060#25 trs
[img src=]19270#26 PiCHi
[img src=]19650#27 elska
[img src=]21180#28 Latreia Foot Fashion
[img src=]20600#29 Cynful
[img src=]22150#30 UtopiaH
[img src=]19680#31 Legal Insanity
[img src=]18990#32 d o l l l e
[img src=]19090#33 [bubble]
[img src=]20580#34 Le Primitif
[img src=]20350#35 Riske
[img src=]21070#36 Forever Young
[img src=]19410#37 LOULOU&CO
[img src=]19820#38 Plastik
[img src=]19700#39 geek.
[img src=]20200#40 Xplosion
[img src=]18790#41 ellemeno
[img src=]18330#42 KIM
[img src=]19980#43 SCRUB
[img src=]20970#44 S H O C K Factory
[img src=]19780#45 Pink Acid
[img src=]18040#46 BabyDoll
[img src=]19310#47 MODA
[img src=]18050#48 Hebenon Vial
[img src=]17660#49 Grumble
[img src=]19870#50 Blah.



  1. Vampiressa Scarbridge

    May 1, 2014 (15:36) Reply

    Fui al evento a buscar este top sailor y no esta en ninguna parte.. Alguien me puede decir donde puedo encontrarlo para comprarlo?


    • DirtyInsanity

      May 30, 2014 (00:02) Reply

      Busca muy bien, no esta en la entrada. Si necesitas ayuda búscame inworld.

  2. Vampiressa Scarbridge

    May 1, 2014 (15:41) Reply

    Fui al evento a buscar el top Sailor de Gawk
    Non lo encontre en ninguna parte..
    Alguien me puede orientar donde comprarlo??


  3. […] ♥ Hair: +Spellbound+ – Medusa. ♥ Skin: Glam Affair – Romy skin in Asia tone. ♥ Glasses: [ZOOM] – Monochromatic Glasses, these glasses come with a hud that gives you the chance to change the color of the frame (5 colors), choose between 3 types of lens and also set the visibility of the lens. Find them at the Monochromatic Fair, which is ending soon! So you better grab a taxi and pay it a visit while it’s too late. Big thanks to Lucca Millvale!. ♥ Outfit: LETHAL CHIC – Trop6 and Aqua Skirt, new for the DOPE Magazine Spring Fashion Week. This outfit is part of a mini line released exclusively for this event. Big thanks to Piinky Chrome!. ♥ Jacket: COCO – Jacket over shoulders in navy. Past fameshed item that you can still grab at mainstore. ♥ Pumps: REIGN – Buckled Pumps, 5L only for the Pink Fusion 2.0 Hunt, yes can you believe for 5L you will get these and another black/pink heels?. Just look for the round pink with black hunt object hidden around the store and these slink high feet matching heels will be yours. For more info about this hunt and prize previews just check Depraved Nation Official Blog. […]

  4. […] The Pink Fusion Hunt is going on this month, you can get each hunt item for 5L each. The hunt item I am showing you today is from alterego. I have to say that Pink is one of my favorite colors. It’s second to Purple. So when I saw that there was a hunt featuring pink items, I had to go for it! hehe You can preview the gallery of items here. […]

  5. Somnia

    May 17, 2014 (23:30) Reply

    […] Take a look at the gallery of items available for the Pink Fusion hunt here. […]

  6. M-m-m-m-monster | youBlond

    May 20, 2014 (18:46) Reply

    […] Tetování (viz obrázek níže) – [* PerveTTe*] (Antisocial Web Hunt) Boty – [EF] (Pink Fusion hunt – 5L) Náhrdelník –  -DRD- (groupgift) Křídla – Sn@tch;Goth […]

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