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Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair

March 13 – 27, 2016

Sponsored by: [ bubble ], [S H O C K Factory], 1 Hundred, AlterEgo, Come Soon Poses, DAPPA, Holli Pocket, Lapointe & Bastchild, NAMINOKE, Razor ///, Speakeasy, Vinyl, Masoom

Luck of The Irish Gacha Fair will be a SIM WIDE event held on our Metropolis Sim. Each participating brand will be presenting at least ONE new and exclusive gacha machine with contents you can not find anywhere else on the grid! Visit us HERE

Make sure you join the Depraved Events group in world to visit with other shoppers of the event – Gacha trades ARE ALLOWED in this group during the month of March!

Over 300 machines available for play this round – save up and get ready to try your luck! Any issues or questions please contact Heather Smithson.

Luck of the Irish 2016

[img src=]500Dark Magic Poses
Lets Get Trashed - 65L per pull
[img src=]390Dark Magic Poses
White Girl Wasted - 35L per pull
[img src=]380!nfinity
Lucky Caps - 50L per pull, 15% rare
[img src=]340!nfinity
Medallion - 50L per pull, 15% rare<br />
[img src=]310Boutique 187
Car Handbags
[img src=]350G.ID
Irish Fresh Tattoo - 39L per pull
[img src=]320Supernatural
[img src=]320Joplino
Lucky Poses - 50L per pull
[img src=]320Identity Body Shop
Tattoo Gacha
[img src=]280K-otic
Irish Sham Nip Covers
[img src=]300Winged
Dead Septum
[img src=]280Winged
Witches Brew
[img src=]280Obscure
Steampunk Hats
[img src=]340S H O C K Factory
Lucky Me Nails
[img src=]270SAKIDE
Wilwarin Dresses - 100L per pull
[img src=]270SAKIDE
Wilwarin Wings - 50L per pull
[img src=]280Trevah
Alma Lipstick
[img src=]250Masoom
Happy Monsters - 70L per pull
[img src=]230Blissiere
Two Tone Celtic Jewelry - 50L per pull, 5% rare
[img src=]250Body Factory
Spike Cap
[img src=]250Glitzz
Jellyflower - 45L per pull
[img src=]250Glitzz
Sweet Bunny - 69L per pull
[img src=]250M.Second
Aisha Pumps
[img src=]260NoName
David Shoes - 50L per pull
[img src=]280QE
LOTI Wall Decor
[img src=]280QE
Spring Living Decor
[img src=]260trs
Bunny Buddy - 50L per pull
[img src=]270trs
Cloud Stone Ring - 50L per pull
[img src=]250Virtual / Insanity
Distressed Nails
[img src=]220Virtual / Insanity
Lucky Stroke Easter Cigs
[img src=]210Virtual / Insanity
Sculpture Earrings
[img src=]210Virtual / Insanity
Sham Rings
[img src=]220UrbanStreet
Silence Tattoo - 50L per pull
[img src=]200MV
Deadstrike Heels
[img src=]200MV
Dip-n-Dye Heels
[img src=]230Come Soon Poses
St. Patricks Gacha
[img src=]220Eternal Dream
Let's Have Fun
[img src=]220Eternal Dream
Spring Outing
[img src=]230Forever Young
Cara Shorts
[img src=]250Forever Young
Kinsley Body Suit
[img src=]250Forever Young
Nadia Dress
[img src=]220Naminoke
Dice Gacha
[img src=]200Naminoke
Hanami Gacha
[img src=]210Naminoke
Sakura Accessories Gacha
[img src=]210D.o.r.k.
Aibhilin Gacha - 35L per pull
[img src=]210D.o.r.k.
Chicky Boo - 45L per pull
[img src=]200Mynx
Cosmetic Bags
[img src=]210Mynx
LOTI Gacha
[img src=]210Q-Essentials
Give me a Sign - 35L per pull
[img src=]240Q-Essentials
The Pub Collection - 45L per pull
[img src=]190ZOZ
Bunny and Lamb Gacha - 35L per pull
[img src=]190ZOZ
Bunny and Lamb Headbands - 35L per pull
[img src=]200Poliak's Emporium
Sheer Luck Tank Tops
[img src=]190Tantalum
All About Me
[img src=]190Tantalum
Bad Girl Anklets
[img src=]180Tantalum
Luck of the Irish
[img src=]190Tantalum
Toxx Industrial Ear Piercings
[img src=]1907 Deadly Skins
Melodie Gacha
[img src=]210Anymore Store
Luck of the Irish Photography Props
[img src=]200AlterEgo
Ayla Skins
[img src=]200Anachron
SL Problems
[img src=]220BabyDoll
Clara Strap Dress
[img src=]240BabyDoll
Cally Dress
[img src=]220Belleposes
Plastic Shopping Bag
[img src=]210HollyWeird
Bijoun Necklaces
[img src=]330Black Haus
Lovely Kitties
[img src=]260Blink 2 Wink
Bunny Backpacks
[img src=]300Speakeasy
Celtic Tat - 75L per pull
[img src=]250Simple
Charmed Necklace 50L per pull
[img src=]240Elysian
Charming Gacha
[img src=]340Cheeky
Fae Necklaces
[img src=]300Cheeky
Viper Sexy Heels
[img src=]290Cez Moi Furniture
Irish Party Gacha
[img src=]280Chez Moi Furniture
Saint Patricks Gacha
[img src=]250Culco
Street Sartorial Gacha
[img src=]270Cute Poison
Twiggy Sandals
[img src=]250Dallas Mackenzie Designs
LOTI Gacha Dresses
[img src=]240Dallas Mackenzie Designs
Mens Tees
[img src=]240Dappa
Corrupt Beanies
[img src=]270Dappa
Immortal Tattoo
[img src=]240Dita Couture
I Love Ireland Gacha
[img src=]260ECCO
Batwing Lace Heart - 60L per pull
[img src=]230ECCO
Irish Cropped Shirts - 50L per pull
[img src=]290Empire
[img src=]220Emporium
Sharon Heels
[img src=]230Epoch
Fairy Fantasy - 60L per pull
[img src=]270Epoch
Cast a Spell On You - 60L per pull
[img src=]270Epoch
Fashion Grammar Police - 60L per pull
[img src=]240HollyWeird
Esmeralda Book Necklaces
[img src=]200PB Designs
Colour Pop Lipglosses - 25L per pull
[img src=]240PB Designs
Mesh Mood Clouds - 25L per pull
[img src=]220PB Designs
Monogram Necklaces - 50L per pull
[img src=]200Gala Fashion Design
Lucky Earrings - 50L per pull
[img src=]200Goth1c0
Rosalyn High Heels
[img src=]190Head to Toe
Irish Bits and Bobs
[img src=]190Head to Toe
Lucky Irish Gacha
[img src=]220High Impact
Beanies Gacha
[img src=]250High Impact
Caps Gacha
[img src=]190High Impact
Hood Hats Gacha
[img src=]200Holli Pocket
Beachin Babe Suit
[img src=]200Holli Pocket
Bunnehfu Socks
[img src=]190Image Essentials
Evolution of a Hipster - 50L per pull
[img src=]200Image Essentials
Gimme a Beer - 25L per pull
[img src=]200Image Essentials
The Journey Begins - 25L per pull
[img src=]210Pomposity
I Heart U Ring - 50L per pull
[img src=]180Intwine
Irish Shirts
[img src=]170Simple
Irish Hats and Beards
[img src=]180Juxtapose
LOTI Pose Set - 50L per pull
[img src=]190Kenvie
Sasha Shoes
[img src=]190Lapointe & Bastchild
Charms Collection
[img src=]160Lapointe & Bastchild
Ogham Necklaces
[img src=]170Lapointe & Bastchild
Celtic Knot Collection
[img src=]160Get Frocked
Irish Tees - 50L per pull
[img src=]160Sharks
His & Her Collection
[img src=]180Bodhi
Spring Sunglasses
[img src=]170Grumble
Cheeky Lingerie
[img src=]160LOULOU&CO
Gan Piercing - 50L per pull
[img src=]170LOULOU&CO
Dana Top - 75L per pull
[img src=]180Punch
Mustache Gacha
[img src=]160Luckie
Rainbow Rings - 50L per pull
[img src=]160Luckie
Rainbow Wings - 50L per pull
[img src=]160bubble
Lucky Bags - 45L per pull, 10% rare
[img src=]150bubble
Lucky Bags - 45L per pull, 10% rare
[img src=]160LX Essentials
Kanji Gacha
[img src=]160LX Essentials
Smiling Irish Gacha
[img src=]190Manik Queen
Lucky Girl Collars
[img src=]160Manik Queen
Touch of the Irish Gacha
[img src=]140Pomposity
Marie Heels - 50L per pull
[img src=]1507mad;Ravens
Metal Mouth
[img src=]150Milk Tea
Snugglebugs - 50L per pull
[img src=]140HollyWeird
Monarchy Rings
[img src=]170MOoH
Cats Pajama Party - 50L per pull
[img src=]150MOoH
Studded Sneakers - 50L per pull
[img src=]140Nasty Baztardd
Board Shorts
[img src=]160Nasty Baztardd
Cropped Tees
[img src=]150Nightmare
Pierced Princess Table - 70L per pull, 10% rare
[img src=]150Nightmare
See Stars Gacha - 50L per pull
[img src=]170Oxide
Aine Bodychain - 30L per pull
[img src=]140Oxide
Gold Monogram Necklace - 30L per pull
[img src=]150Pichi
Legendary Lipstick Catwa Makeup
[img src=]170PMS
Claws - 50L per pull
[img src=]180PMS
Claws v2 - 50L per pull
[img src=]200PMS
Life Wall Decals - 50L per pull
[img src=]150Secrets
Dermal Horns - 35L per pull
[img src=]140Secrets
Irish Set Gacha - 25L per pull
[img src=]140Selenophilia
Get Lucky Gacha
[img src=]140High Impact
Skull Bandanas
[img src=]150Something New
Irish Collection 50L per pull, 25% rare
[img src=]140Something New
Yoga Gacha - 50L per pull, 25% rare
[img src=]150Something New
Raining Good Fortune - 50L per pull, 25% rare
[img src=]220Speakeasy
Archer Septum - 25L per pull
[img src=]160Speakeasy
Horns Gacha - 50L per pull
[img src=]150Nerdology
St. Patties Ties
[img src=]160Stargazer Creations
Iridescence Skin
[img src=]170Sweet Evil
Irish T Gacha - 15L per pull
[img src=]160Sweet Evil
St. Patricks Day Face Stickers - 30L per pull
[img src=]150Elysian
Unlucky Gacha
[img src=]160Verocity
Senshi Pose Set - 35L per pull
[img src=]150Verocity
Unicorn Pose Set - 35L per pull
[img src=]180VG Shoes
Mary Janes
[img src=]160VG Shoes
Men Bring the Bass Tees
[img src=]170Vindiktive
Amanda Dresses - 75L per pull, 10% rare
[img src=]160Vindiktive
Lizzy Tops - 75L per pull, 10% rare
[img src=]170Vindiktive
Samson Tanks - 75L per pull, 10% rare
[img src=]170Violetility
LOTI Gacha Set
[img src=]160The Little Bat
Celtic Garter
[img src=]150The Little Bat
Lunar Nose Chain
[img src=]130Winged
Magic Collars
[img src=]130AfterShok
AZ Lucky Gacha
[img src=]130Unkindness
Little Stinger
[img src=]230Vinyl
Mumford Set


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