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F R O S T Fashion Fair 2015

Opens at 3 PM SLT December 13

Sponsored By: Razor ///, Insanya, Lapointe & Bastchild, Cynful Clothing Co., EPIC, Reckless, Clef de Peau, ^.^Ayashi^.^, SAKIDE, DAPPA, 1 Hundred, bubble, AITUI, Gawk!, AlterEgo, AMERICAN BAZAAR

F R O S T is a full sim fashion fair hosted by Depraved Nation. Over 100 brands bringing you NEW & EXCLUSIVE items in a serene winter environment. Check out our gallery of the new & exclusive releases brought to you by some of your favorite designers!  You may visit the fair by clicking HERE

F R O S T 2015

[img src=]240Virtual Insanity
Pingoo Maitreya Nail Appliers
[img src=]230Virtual Insanity
Ornament Maitreya Nail Appliers Gacha
[img src=]210Virtual Insanity
Comic Glam Maitreya Nail Appliers
[img src=]240trs
Reindeer Sweater
[img src=]210Lakshmi
Fawn Top and Skirt - 380L each
[img src=]260Cynful
[img src=]230Salt
Dress 195 / 900 FP, Cardi 175 / 850 FP, Scarf 75 / 360 FP
[img src=]230Infiniti
Lean on Pose
[img src=]220Pulse
Interval Collection
[img src=]240Dallas Mackenzie Designs
[img src=]250Aitui
WIcked Face Tat - 150
[img src=]240Byrne
Sweater Dress 150
[img src=]250Byrne
Jo Frost 150
[img src=]200Byrne
Jo Frost 150
[img src=]210Byrne
Jo Frost Corset 100
[img src=]200Byrne
Jo Crystal Mini Skirts 100
[img src=]220Byrne
Jo Crystal Outfit 150
[img src=]220Byrne
Jo Crystal Outfit 150
[img src=]210Byrne
Jo Crystal Outfit 150
[img src=]290Lapointe & Bastchild
Women's Frost Necklaces 399L
[img src=]190Lapointe & Bastchild
Men's Frost Necklaces 399L
[img src=]200!bang
Snow Bunnies - 250
[img src=]210Virtual Insanity
Snow Maitreya Nail Appliers
[img src=]200Virtual Insanity
Snow Rose Maitreya Nail Appliers
[img src=]240Wretch
Mittens 190L
[img src=]280Wretch
Sweet Lolita Shoes 350L
[img src=]240Dita Couture
Ice Queen Tattoo
[img src=]240MV
Yui Stole Dress - 285 / 1095 FP
[img src=]220Come Soon Poses
Xmas With Friends - 110L
[img src=]220Naminoke
Frozen Horn 280L
[img src=]200Naminoke
Frozen Horn 280L
[img src=]210Naminoke
Frozen Horn 280L
[img src=]210Naminoke
Frozen Horn 280L
[img src=]230Dollle
Crop Leather Jacket - 150L$ / 530L$ Fatpack
[img src=]220Mynx
Isle Knit Scarf
[img src=]220Mynx
Cable Knit Scarf
[img src=]200ZOZ
Winter Colors - 98L$
[img src=]220ZOZ
Winter Naturals - 98L$
[img src=]220Abhorrent
Jean Dream - 99L$ Each
[img src=]220Abrasive
Oversized Sweater - 150L$ / 650L$ Fatpack
[img src=]220AlterEgo
Natalie Ice Queen Skin
[img src=]200B*Fly
Crossed Unisex Tattoo
[img src=]190Bella Elephante
Night Sky Nails
[img src=]180Bella Elephante
Silent Night Nails
[img src=]190Bishes Inc.
Jumper Collection
[img src=]200Blow-Up
Shiny Stars Tattoo
[img src=]210Chemical Princess
Winter Jacket
[img src=]250Clef de Peau
Hideo Skin (4 exclusive tones) <br />TheMeshProject head - 350L<br />System avatar skin (includes bold & 3 body hair options) - 500L<br />Eyebrows v.18 (exclusive) 4 colors (black/Brown/Blonde/Ginger) - 180L<br />
[img src=]210Clef de Peau
Special Make-up
[img src=]220Endless Pain Tattoos
Credo - 250L$
[img src=]390Culco
Floral Leather Corset Dress - 220L$
[img src=]3207 Deadly Skins
Daantje Skin
[img src=]300Style So Chic
Elves Gacha - 100L$ per play
[img src=]280Empyrean Forge
Wassail Charm Necklace Gold - 350L$
[img src=]240Empyrean Forge
Wassail Charm Necklace Silver - 350L$
[img src=]250K-CODE
Mikki Sweater - 145L$
[img src=]280G&D
Frozen Ankle Boots - 300L$
[img src=]310Holli Pocket
Knitty Sweaters - 250L$
[img src=]260Image Essentials
Snowed In
[img src=]290Juxtapose
Quiet of Winter Dead Leaves - 175L$
[img src=]260Juxtapose
Quiet of Winter Pose Prop - 300L$
[img src=]300Juxtapose
Quiet of Winter
[img src=]410LCKY
[img src=]300MOoH!
Lily Outfit Black Dot - 99L$
[img src=]270MOoH!
Lily Outfit Black - 99L$
[img src=]250MOoH!
Lily Outfit Pink Dot - 99L$
[img src=]260MOoH!
Lily Outfit Pink- 99L$
[img src=]260MOoH!
Lily Outfit Red Dot - 99L$
[img src=]230Luckie
Snowflake Dress - 150L$ / 1000L$ Fatpack
[img src=]270LX Essentials
Ferocity Trio 1 - 249L$
[img src=]270LX Essentials
Ferocity Trio 2 - 249L$
[img src=]260LX Essentials
Ferocity Trio 3 - 249L$
[img src=]290LX Essentials
Rustic Winter HUD 1 - 299L$
[img src=]270LX Essentials
Rustic Winter HUD 2 - 299L$
[img src=]280PiCHi
Septum Piercing 1
[img src=]270PiCHi
Septum Piercing 2
[img src=]250PUNCH
Snowflake Rings
[img src=]250QE Designs
Frosty Socks
[img src=]230QE Designs
Reflective Eyes
[img src=]250QE Designs
Woodland Boots
[img src=]280QweenB
WIcked Hooves Ice
[img src=]240QweenB
Wicked Hooves Nite
[img src=]290Razor
Gage Gloves - 299L$
[img src=]250Endless Pain Tattoos
Snow Pearl Leg - 125
[img src=]240HollyWeird
Stormy Trenchcoat
[img src=]220Style So Chic
Combo Pajamas - 250L$
[img src=]260Style So Chic
Mens Pajamas - 150L$
[img src=]230Style So Chic
Womens Pajamas - 150L$
[img src=]280Tales & Stories
Asymmetric Trench Coat - 299L$
[img src=]270Tales & Stories
Demonia Boots - 299L$
[img src=]230Tiffany Designs
Winter Gown - 99L$
[img src=]220XXY Poses
Fear of Losing - 200L$
[img src=]210XXY Poses
Kiss Me - 200L$
[img src=]220Zibska
Alesha Eyeshadow - 250L$
[img src=]200Zibska
Aveline - 250L$
[img src=]200Zibska
Cadence Lipstick - 250L$
[img src=]190Zibska
Cierra Lipstick - 100L$
[img src=]190Zibska
Rhoda Dress - 300L$
[img src=]220Zibska
Savia Dress - 300L$
[img src=]190Oddity
Bradley Stripes T-Shirts
[img src=]200Ayashi
Daichi Hair
[img src=]180Insanya
Devilicious Jacket
[img src=]200Emporium
Maudeline Boots
[img src=]180Sakide
Deer Sweaters
[img src=]200Sakide
Flocon Outfits
[img src=]200Whatever
Cute Sweater
[img src=]180Glitzz
Kate - 5 different colors<br />(Blue - Black - Red - Pink - White)<br />Appliers for TMP - Slink - Omega system - Clothes for classical avatar<br />L$ 125 each color
[img src=]180Glitzz
Sexy Wendy - Fitmesh for Maitreya Lara - Slink Physique/Hourglass - TMP - Classical Avatar<br />Demo available<br />4 different colors ( Blue - Pink - Black - White)
[img src=]180Glitzz
Syndra - Outfit comes:<br />Jumpsuit in 3 version : Only Body - Only Jumpsuit - Body + Jumpsuit<br />Appliers for Maitreya - Slink - TMP - Omega System and Classical Avatar Clothes<br />White Head fur piece<br />White Mesh Snow Angel Wings<br />L$ 189
[img src=]180Belle Poses
Jeans O2 - 75L
[img src=]190Belle Poses
Jingles Bitch - 120L
[img src=]170JK Style
Dreya Boots - 85L
[img src=]180JK Style
Dreya Boots - 85L
[img src=]180JK Style
Dreya Boots - 85L
[img src=]180JK Style
Dreya Boots - 85L
[img src=]180JK Style
Dreya Boots - 85L
[img src=]200JK Style
Eilynn - 85L
[img src=]220JK Style
Juliette - 85L
[img src=]220JK Style
Lace Tights - 1L
[img src=]200JK Style
Lynetta - 75L
[img src=]190JK Style
Monyka - 75L
[img src=]150Raw House
Goon Hair / Beanie
[img src=]170Hipnotic
Fallen Sweater
[img src=]140bubble
Triple Goddess Tiara<br />Unrigged Mesh Tiara w/ HUD, Materials enabled Copy/Modify - 165L
[img src=]140Trevah
Dhalia Shoes - 150L
[img src=]150Body Fluid
Cruces Dress Shoes
[img src=]140Etham
Antlers - 69L
[img src=]150Grumble
Cashmere Hoodie -
[img src=]150Grumble
Corset Heels
[img src=]150Grumble
Future Skirt
[img src=]140Grumble
High boots
[img src=]130Lustrage
Ice Necklace
[img src=]160LouLou&Co
Dew Necklace
[img src=]160Lustrage
Sunofurku Choker
[img src=]140LouLou&Co
Bearock Sweater
[img src=]1701 Hundred
Cold Bitch Jacket & Leggings
[img src=]170Aurora
Dress outfit - 250L
[img src=]120Zombie Suicide
Mouth Goop 150L
[img src=]110Zombie Suicide
Cheek Goop 150L
[img src=]110Zombie Suicide
Goopy Tears 150L
[img src=]110Speakeasy
Filth Tattoo - 299L
[img src=]100Speakeasy
Micah Hair - 199L


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    […] you NEW & EXCLUSIVE items in a serene winter environment. You can find the shopping preview here. We have several new releases for the occasion including cosmetics and […]

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