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Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair

March 10 – 31, 2015

Sponsored by: ::Lustrage::, [ bubble ], 7mad;Ravens, Blah., Damselfly, Epic, Holli Pocket, Insanya, NAMINOKE, Razor ///, Reckless, REIGN, Riske, SAKIDE, TartCake, The Forge

Luck of The Irish Gacha Fair will be a SIM WIDE event held on our Metropolis Sim. Each participating brand will be presenting at least ONE new and exclusive gacha machine with contents you can not find anywhere else on the grid!

Make sure you join the Depraved Events group in world to visit with other shoppers of the event – Gacha trades ARE ALLOWED in this group during the month of March!

Over 300 machines available for play this round – save up and get ready to try your luck! Any issues or questions please contact Heather Smithson.


Luck of the Irish - 2015

[img src=]2930Ellemeno - Bow Headband, 50L per play
[img src=]2820Ellemeno - Wellies, 50L per play
[img src=]2670The Little Bat - Batty Collar, 50L per play
[img src=]2490The Little Bat - Batty Horn, 50L per play
[img src=]2460The Little Bay - Batty Necklace, 50L per play
[img src=]2800Sexz - Bunny Heels, 70L per play
[img src=]2580Supernatural - Isis Headpiece, 65L per play
[img src=]2480Supernatural - Lucky Garter, 50L per play
[img src=]2440Lil Things - Studio FLats, 45L per play
[img src=]2490Vein - Butt Panties, 75L per play
[img src=]2420Vein - Irish Crop Tops, 75L per play
[img src=]2340Vein - Irish Halters, 75L per play
[img src=]2370Vein - Irish Stockings, 75L per play
[img src=]2290Vein - Lone Wolf, 99L per play
[img src=]2190Vein - Wilderness, 99L per play
[img src=]2150Flutter - Sweet Tooth Necklaces, 60L per play
[img src=]2030K-otic - Boho Legwrap, 50L per play
[img src=]2090Snaphappy - Kiss Me, 50L per play
[img src=]2110Snaphappy - Little Leprechaun, 50L per play
[img src=]2220SAKIDE - Meril Dresses, 75L per play
[img src=]2030SAKIDE - Shammy Tops, 50L per play
[img src=]2020Masoom - Tiny Monsters, 55L per play
[img src=]1970Blissiere - Spring Flower Pedis, 50L per play
[img src=]1940Blissiere - St Pats Pedis, 50L per play
[img src=]2030Blissiere - St Patricks Day Party, 50L per play
[img src=]1880Context - Ceilidh Layered Tank, 75L per play
[img src=]1840Context - Hooligan Cap
[img src=]1830Context - Message From Eire, 50L per play
[img src=]1870Glitzz - Cute St Patrick Beer, 35L per play
[img src=]2030Glitzz - Jellyflower Set, 45L per play
[img src=]1860ILAYA - Bandeau, 45L per play
[img src=]1870M.Second - Pumps Bunny, 90L per play
[img src=]1990NoName - Eddy Shoes, 75L per play
[img src=]1850Insanya - Gacha Bracelets, 50L per play
[img src=]2180Insanya - Gacha Collars, 50L per play
[img src=]1410Toxxic Pandora - Irish Flats, 50L per play
[img src=]1400Toxxic Pandora - Mens Mesh Tee, 75L per play
[img src=]1390Toxxic Pandora - Womens Mesh Tee, 75L per play
[img src=]1410MV - Flutter Wedges, 50L per play
[img src=]1440MV - Starfucker Wedges, 50L per play
[img src=]1410Diamante - Get Lucky, 99L per play
[img src=]1440Diamante - Lucked Out, 75L per play
[img src=]1470Diamante - Relentless Unisex Watch, 99L per play
[img src=]1460Forever Young - Flying Squirrels, 80L per play
[img src=]1420Forever Young - Nerdy Birdy, 80L per play
[img src=]1540Naminoke - Candy Bracelet and Pipes, 30L per play
[img src=]1670Naminoke - Kitsune Mask, 35L per play
[img src=]1700Naminoke - Narcissus Suisen, 40L per play
[img src=]1410RnB - Mesh Floaters, 30L per play
[img src=]1390DATUM - Clover Collar, 50L per play
[img src=]1390B-DaZZled- Girlie Girl Collar, 50L per play
[img src=]1360B-DaZZled - Girlie Girl Undies, 50L per play
[img src=]1380Fe Style - Mokzh Shirt, 75L per play
[img src=]1320Fe Style - Mujih Bag, 30L per play
[img src=]1310NanTra - Gimme Back My Hour!, 50L per play
[img src=]1250Scene - Lucky chain, 40L per play
[img src=]1240Scene - Pot 'O Luck Ring, 40L per play
[img src=]1310ZOZ - Good & Bad Bunny, 45L per play
[img src=]1300ZOZ - Zodiac Books, 50L per play
[img src=]1280Tantalum - Geary Desire Pendant Necklaces, 70L per play
[img src=]1220Tantalum - GIGI Bow Rings, 60L per play
[img src=]1220N- 8-Bit Trinket, 50L per play
[img src=]1220Ninety - Chirimoya BackPack, 50L per play
[img src=]1340NMonkey - Plastic Body, 100L per play
[img src=]1370NMonkey - Summer Short, 50L per play
[img src=]1300NMonkey - Tank Top, 50L per play
[img src=]1270NMonkey - Shirt Tied, 100L per play
[img src=]1210adoness - hots for irish, 50L per play
[img src=]1360AFI Designs - Balloon Horns, 50L per play
[img src=]1340AFI Designs - Mardi Mask, 50L per play
[img src=]1340Anachron - Hashtag Dress, 59L per play
[img src=]1300Twisted Barbie - Arch Nose Rings, 55L per play
[img src=]1400ARISE - Ahoi Rings, 49L per play
[img src=]2090ARISE - Ahoi Earrings, 49L per play
[img src=]1920ARISE - Micro Dermal, 29L per play
[img src=]1870AURORA - Helena Jewels, 50L per play
[img src=]1730Avanti - HAVOC Boots, 65L per play
[img src=]1730HW - Ayame Kawaii Necklaces, 59L per play
[img src=]2310Baby Brat - Luck of the Irish, 35L per play
[img src=]2160Bad Unicorn Clothing - Thunder Buddie, 70L per play
[img src=]2410BellePoses - Lollipop Girl, 25L per play
[img src=]2100HW - Blade Bracelets, 59L per play
[img src=]1960BRAVURA! Homme - UNISEX Flat Cap and Goggles, 75L per play
[img src=]1930BRAVURA! Homme - Ladies Sexy Elegant Top in Shantung, 60L per play
[img src=]1810BRAVURA! Homme - Mens Cypher Mask, 65L per play
[img src=]1900Wimey - Celtic Kings and Queens, 50L per play
[img src=]1860Plastik - Chiele Jewelry, 50L per play
[img src=]1790TI - Metallic Claws, 55L per play
[img src=]1820CS - LUCK OF THE IRISH, 30L per play
[img src=]1890Damselfly - Collins/Deacon, 75L per play
[img src=]1970DP - Koffin Nails - Slink - Pastel Goth, 50L per play
[img src=]1870
[img src=]1870Cubic cherry Kre-ations - DontNomMe cup-plushies, 50L per play
[img src=]1790Cubic cherry Kre-ations - DontNomMe icecreams, 50L per play
[img src=]1750Elcano - Irish Bear, 50L per play
[img src=]1650Elcano - Irish Treats, 50L per play
[img src=]1750EMPORIUM - Dylan Clutch, 40L per play
[img src=]1810EMPORIUM - Emma Platforms, 80L per play
[img src=]1800Epic - Simple Succubus Glitter Horns, 70L per play
[img src=]1860Epic - Cutie Cyclops TV Huggies, 70L per play
[img src=]1850Essenz - Auckland, 75L per play
[img src=]1670fashiowl - Irish Pub Gacha, 50L per play
[img src=]1750Plastik - Fiorghra, 50L per play
[img src=]2040The Forge - Head Unit,
[img src=]1650Frogstar - Arctic Earmuffs, 25L per play
[img src=]1660Grumble - Groovy Pig Donation Jar, 35L per play
[img src=]1820Holli Pocket - Too Girly Set, 35L per play
[img src=]1790Holli Pocket - You're the Cure Gloves, 35L per play
[img src=]1840Holli Pocket - You're the Cure Tops and Panties, 50L per play
[img src=]1660Heartistic - Hug Em Plushiee's, 45L per play
[img src=]1680IDK - Sk8boy Gacha, 50L per play
[img src=]1580IDK - Sk8girl Gacha, 50L per play
[img src=]1690GID Riot Bandana, 50L per play
[img src=]1550Poliaks Emporium - Irish Pub, 50L per play
[img src=]1550Poliaks Emporium - Irish Pub Distressed, 50L per play
[img src=]1610
[img src=]1540Just Darling - Spring Flats, 50L per play
[img src=]1490Perch - Just in Time, 45L per play
[img src=]1590Juxtapose - LOTI Male, 35L per play
[img src=]1400Juxtapose - LOTI Nails, 40L per play
[img src=]1440Kaithleen's - Kawaii Gacha, 50L per play
[img src=]1760Kenvie - Kawaii Backpacks, 75L per play
[img src=]1570Kenvie - Vintage Goggles, 75L per play
[img src=]1470K-Pie - Carry Along Purse, 75L per play
[img src=]1590le fil casse - Spring Fling Skirts, 60L per play
[img src=]1390Lithium - Tip Toes, 75L per play
[img src=]1550Abrasive - Blackout Leggings, 50L per play
[img src=]1520Abrasive - Leather Collars, 65L per play
[img src=]1550Topic of Discussion - Lucky Charms
[img src=]1640Forever Famous La Lune Ring Set, 75L per play
[img src=]1520Forever Famous - Oh My Wire Word Rings, 50L per play
[img src=]1430Speakeasy - Boxer Briefs, 25L per play
[img src=]1390Tantalum - All My Luck, 85L per play
[img src=]1320Biscuit - Pasties, 60L per play
[img src=]1310Luckie - Bit Bow Necklaces, 50L per play
[img src=]1340Luckie - Bit Glasses, 50L per play
[img src=]1310Luckie - Butterfly Bit Wings, 80L per play
[img src=]1380Style So Chic - Lucky Bracelets and Love Dangles, 40L per play
[img src=]1370Biscuit - Mask, 60L per play
[img src=]1300Chop Shop - Lucky Faun, 100L per play
[img src=]1300MM Inc. - Dead Boxers, 50L per play
[img src=]1270MM Inc. - Irish Koala, 50L per play
[img src=]1250MM Inc. - Lily Tank, 50L per play
[img src=]1280Manik Queen - Devin Dress, 75L per play
[img src=]1180Manik Queen - Lots O Luck, 50L per play
[img src=]1350MOoH - Dinosaur Hoodie, 50L per play
[img src=]1320MOoH - Tree Wood Furniture, 65L per play
[img src=]1280Nana - Frida Bow and Necklace, 75L per play
[img src=]1290nani - huntress, 55L per play
[img src=]1270Speakeasy - Emmet hair, 50L per play
[img src=]1280Nyctophilia - Creeps v.2, 80L per play
[img src=]1190Nyctophilia - Dark Crystal Crown, 60L per play
[img src=]1240BAD - Percy the Platypus, 75L per play
[img src=]1230PMS - Irish Booty Pants, 50L per play
[img src=]1230PL - Ankle Snuggies 2.0, 75L per play
[img src=]1290Punch - Audrey Septum, 50L per play
[img src=]1210Punch - Eyelid Piercing, 50L per play
[img src=]1250RAPTURE - BAG-CLOVER-3 STYLES, 50L per play
[img src=]1200RAPTURE - Bracelets-Irish Flag, 50L per play
[img src=]1160RAPTURE - Aline Dress-3 colors, 100L per play
[img src=]1570REIGN - BOHO, 50L per play
[img src=]1470REIGN - VICE, 50L per play
[img src=]1310Riske - Slink Flat/Belleza - Mode Flats, 50L per play
[img src=]1370POMPOSITY - Septum Gacha No.1 - Nose Piercings, 50L per play
[img src=]1270POMPOSITY - Septum Gacha No.1 - Nose Piercings, 50L per play
[img src=]1190Serenity Style - Luck of The Irish, 60L per play
[img src=]1140Plastik - Siochana Jewelry, 50L per play
[img src=]1150BAD - Slouch Socks, 50L per play
[img src=]1110SN - Good Luck Kiss, 50L per play
[img src=]1130SN - The Lioness Princess, 50L per play
[img src=]1120HW - Splat Necklaces, 59L per play
[img src=]1170
[img src=]1150Sweet Evil - Clover Outfit, 30L per play
[img src=]1100TW - Irish Horns, 75L per play
[img src=]1120The Annex - Irish Boyshorts, 25L per play
[img src=]1190The Annex - Spring Fling, 50L per play
[img src=]1100TartCake - Britney Shades, 50L per play
[img src=]1060TartCake - Skully Chick Hair Bows, 50L per play
[img src=]1130TartCake - Zebra Flats, 75L per play
[img src=]1070t13 - Unisex Mesh + System Dublin Eyes, 35L per play
[img src=]1110t13 - Unisex Cypher Mask, 70L per play
[img src=]1120BASTA - DE JURE: Heels, 75L per play
[img src=]1060BASTA - PIER 12: Jewelry set, 50L per play
[img src=]1040Verocity - Boomdock Saint, 25L per play
[img src=]1410V-Spot - St-Patrick Cock Sock Collection, 50L per play
[img src=]1250Perch - Weathered Collection Gacha, 70L per play
[img src=]1120Chop Shop - Wicked Satyr, 100L per play
[img src=]1090bubble - Random Lunch Box, 55L per play
[img src=]1170Miseria - Crush Stamped Sneakers, 45L perplay
[img src=]420Lustrage - 90s Choker 2, 60L per play
[img src=]450Lustrage - 90s Choker 1, 60L per play
[img src=]1070Epic - Kawaii Creepy Cat Backpack, 70L per play
[img src=]720Vertice - Crossed Back Top, 50L per play
[img src=]840CGH - Waffle Clutch, 35L per play
[img src=]690Nantra - Spring Forward, 50L per play
[img src=]7401 Hundred - Get Lucky Tee, 50L per play
[img src=]690Style So Chic - Elephants, 100L per play
[img src=]280Vestige - Moving Out, 50L per play
[img src=]300Vestige - Little Photostudio, 50L per play


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