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December 13 – January 3

Sponsored By:  bubble, Cynful, sYs Design, 1 Hundred., AMERICAN BAZAAR, Epic, Flite, Gawk!, Insanya, Little Bones, n-creation, Razor ///, Reckles, REIGN, SAKIDE & Sassy!

F R O S T is a full sim fashion fair hosted by Depraved Nation.  Over 100 brands bringing you NEW & EXCLUSIVE items in a serene winter environment.  Check out the gallery for a complete preview of items being offered at this years F R O S T event or CLICK HERE to TP to the sim!

F R O S T 2014

[img src=]500!bang - Long Walk Pose, 250L
[img src=]470!bang - Unsteady Pose, 250L
[img src=]4307 Deadly Skins - Moenya v2, 250L
[img src=]4007 Deadly Skins - Moenya v1, 250L
[img src=]3807mad;Ravens - Winter Jackets, 180L each
[img src=]360Adoness - Soyala, 180L
[img src=]360American Bazaar - Hot Ice Top, 149L and Frosty Jeans, 179L
[img src=]320American Bazaar - SoFancy Dress, 169L
[img src=]330American Bazaar - Sweater Dress, 169L
[img src=]370Anachron - Rocker Boots, 199L
[img src=]350Anchor Co - Hang Tanks, 200L
[img src=]330Anchor Co - Phox Shape, 400L
[img src=]310Anchor Co - Obsolete Shape, 400L
[img src=]310Angelica - Momo Skin and Shape, 800L, 400L
[img src=]360Anymore Store Gladiator Boots, 300L
[img src=]340Arise - Iceman Face Tat, 89L
[img src=]340Arise - Snowfall Face Tat, 89L
[img src=]310Arise - Snowman Face Tat, 89L
[img src=]300AtiK - Dec Sweater, 250L
[img src=]320AtiK - Caputxeta Mesh Poncho, 180L
[img src=]280Aurora - Chevron Knitted Sweater, 150L, Bow Heels (slink high), 200L
[img src=]240Aurora - Chic Leather Jacket, 200L, Knitted Infinity Scarf, 100L
[img src=]260Ayashi - Yasu Hair, 250L, 400L, 1500L FP
[img src=]300Bishes Inc. - Mini Pleated Skirt, 199L
[img src=]240Blueberry - Frost Sweaters, 299L
[img src=]280Body Factory - Stark Necklace, 110L, Stark Axe, 10L, Stark Leather Pants and Boots, 160L, Stark Coat 140L
[img src=]310Body Factory - Stark Coat, 140L
[img src=]260Bolson - Beatdeers Tat (FREE), Strigoi Tat, 350L
[img src=]290bubble - Knit Sweaters, 150L each
[img src=]260Bad Unicorn Designs - Boston Bobble Hat, 150L
[img src=]260Cannibelle - Tartan Patch Tights, 150L
[img src=]260Cannibelle - Tattered Tights, 150L
[img src=]360cheeky - Lissy Winter Coat, 175L
[img src=]270Chus - Iridescent Eyes, 50L
[img src=]250Citrus - Sweater, Tights and Leather Skirt, 65L
[img src=]250Citrus - Mens Suit, Scarf and Shoes, 65L
[img src=]250Cute Poison - Rainbow Shades, 125L, 500L
[img src=]250Cute Poison - Geeky Shades, 125L, 500L
[img src=]250Cute Poison - Random Shades, 125L, 500L
[img src=]260Cute Poison - Trance Skirts, 100L
[img src=]260Cute Poison - Footstraps Gacha, 50L per play
[img src=]280Cynful - Ultschfit, 549L
[img src=]260Damselfly - Dillan Unisex Hair, 250L, 1500L FP
[img src=]230DAPPA - Crewneck & Sweat Collection, 250L, Chimney Smoking Pipe, 250L, Spirit Tattoo, 250L
[img src=]230Dazed - WileyBurial Headband, 195L
[img src=]240Dazed - Heiva Glasses, 125L
[img src=]230Dazed - Gorgon Lipstick, 139L
[img src=]230Dazed - Belladonna Eyeshadow Set, 99L
[img src=]230Deadpool - The Chill Crown, 150L
[img src=]240Deadpool - The Chill Outfit, 150L
[img src=]240DeeTalez - Wool Coat, 355L
[img src=]230Diamante - Cozies, 399L
[img src=]220Doll Boutique - Cropped Heart Sweater, 150L
[img src=]240Doll Boutique - Sparkle Pumps, 175L
[img src=]220dollle - 101 Fur Collar Long Dress, 350L
[img src=]210Ducknipple - Frost Outfit, 149L
[img src=]220Ducknipple - Frost Boots, 149L
[img src=]210EMPORIUM - Tarja Sweater, 100L
[img src=]210Endless Pain - Equilibrium Tattoo, 350L
[img src=]200Endless Pain - Suicide Girl v2, 498L
[img src=]200Epic - T.C. Ice Cream Ski Vest, 399L
[img src=]190Epic - T.C. Mesh Melty Leggings, 379L
[img src=]190Epic - T.C. Ice Cream Ugg Boots, 299L
[img src=]210Essenz - Oslo, 280L
[img src=]210Essenz - Brooklyn Gacha, 75L per play
[img src=]400etham - Neck Scarf, 149L
[img src=]390evenflow - Fiona Skinny Jeans, 175L, Mini Jackets, 450L, Halterneck Tunic, 195L
[img src=]360FAD - Ladies Buckled Leather Pants, 249L
[img src=]350Flite - A-Solo Board, 129L
[img src=]290Flite - A-Solo Snowbag, 269L
[img src=]270Forever Young - Callie Hoodie, 199L
[img src=]260Gawk! - Knit Sweaters, 250L
[img src=]270Geek - Vert Mesh Boots, 190L
[img src=]240Grumble - Women's Short Sweatpants, 100L
[img src=]240Grumble - Reindeer Hat, 39L
[img src=]290happyface - The Morrigan Outfit, 175L, Straps 125L
[img src=]290happyface - Elvish Outfit, 275L
[img src=]290heathenesque - Soft N Cozy, 250L
[img src=]290Holli Pocket - Breezeh Romps, 300L
[img src=]290Holli Pocket - Breezeh Heady Scarf, 400L
[img src=]290HollyWeird - Moon Headband, 125L, Moon Necklace, 125L
[img src=]260Hostyle - Alex v3 Shape, 400L
[img src=]260Hostyle - Ray Shape, 400L
[img src=]270Image Essentials - Snow Sled Pose, 175L
[img src=]250Image Essentials - Ice Queen, 140L
[img src=]240Image Essentials - Nativity Pose, 175L
[img src=]230infiniti - Snowball Fight, 125L
[img src=]210infiniti - Snowball Fight v2, 125L
[img src=]250Insanya - Stomper Boots, 145L
[img src=]220JesyDream - JD Jacket for Men, 140L each
[img src=]260Joli - Dippy Dyed Skirt, 299L
[img src=]250Joli - Wayward Crop Top, 250L
[img src=]220Joli - Savvy Xmas Sweatshirt, 250L
[img src=]230Joli - Obnoxious Oversized Sweaters, 250L
[img src=]230Kawaii - Derpy Rudolph Sweaters, 75L$
[img src=]220K-Code - Farah 2, 185L
[img src=]210Kenvie - Rivington Jeans, 210L
[img src=]200Kenvie - Blouse, 265L
[img src=]190Keystone - Kenna v1 and v2, 210L
[img src=]240L&B S'Wear Teese PVC Halter, 399L
[img src=]240LazyBones - Crop Hoodie, 169L
[img src=]230LCKY - Shelby Hair, 300L Singles - 2500L FP
[img src=]220Le Forme - Winter Storm Outfit, 250L, Storm Canteen, 180L
[img src=]210le fil casse - Winter Love Lip Glass, 125L
[img src=]230Little Bones - Pine Needle, 270L, 1500L FP
[img src=]270Little Bones - Frostbite, 270L, 1500L FP
[img src=]250Little Bones - Ce Soir, 270L, 1500L FP
[img src=]240LOULOU&CO - Ultimatum Pants, 200L
[img src=]300LOUX - Face Tattoos, 100L
[img src=]240Luckie - Tubie Sockies, 375L
[img src=]220Lustrage - Ceil Brows, 125L
[img src=]210Lustrage - Himiko Jeans, 180L
[img src=]210MoDanna - Crystalline Collection, 159L
[img src=]200MoDanna -- Eternelle Collection, 159L
[img src=]240n-creation - Hooded T-Shirt, 130L each
[img src=]220Naminoke - Fuyuichigo, 300L
[img src=]210Pekka - Dust Lipsticks, 299L and Snowflake Jewelry Sets, 270L
[img src=]190Pichi - Viviana Chevron Dress, 179L
[img src=]200Pink Sugah - Heathcliffe Dress, 129L each
[img src=]210Plastik - Kolus Boots, 289L
[img src=]240Plastik - Frostylove, 239L
[img src=]210Plastik - Redux Gowns, 349L
[img src=]180Purple Poses - Amelie, 100L
[img src=]170.random.Matter. - Nimue Skin, 600L
[img src=]170Reckless - Kane Tattoo, 299L
[img src=]200Reckless - Gide Tattoo, 199L
[img src=]200REIGN - Blythe Plats, 249L, 1000L FP
[img src=]180Riske - Melting Ice Tail, 180L
[img src=]200SAKIDE - Thermal Outfit, 200L
[img src=]190SAKIDE - Thermal Wedges, 250L
[img src=]200Sassy! - Let it Snow Coat, 195L
[img src=]170Sigma Jewels - Eloise Necklaces, 320L
[img src=]180Sn@tch - Frosted Nails, 100L
[img src=]170Sn@tch - Snowflake Nails, 100L
[img src=]170Sn@tch - Suzy Leather Jackets (pastels), 250L
[img src=]190Somnia - Flakey Skirts, 95L
[img src=]190Soonsiki - Love Lust, 250L, 350L
[img src=]190Sour Pickles - WInter Mesh Holiday Outfits, 150L
[img src=]180Speakeasy - Screw'd -N- Tattooed Tattoo, 350L
[img src=]180Speakeasy - Prick -N- Poke Tattoo, 350L
[img src=]170SuPerBia - HROD Shape, 185L
[img src=]160SuPerBia - KANET Shape, 185L
[img src=]160SwaggedOut - Shiver Tattoo, 300L
[img src=]190Sweet Thing - Polar Fleece Nightgown, 199L
[img src=]160sYs - Harlem Jacket Dress, 390L
[img src=]150sYs - Trendy Scarf, 190L
[img src=]160Tabou Irresistible - Frosty Demon Wings, 120L, 410L FP
[img src=]150Tartcake - Ruffled Snowy Scarves, 75L
[img src=]160Tartcake - Lauren Winter Dress, 150L
[img src=]160
[img src=]170Toxic High - Junior Sweater Dress, 45L
[img src=]160trs - His or Hers Knitted Pullover, 150L
[img src=]160Vanity Hair - Frozen, 275L, 450L, 1499L FP
[img src=]170Virtual Insanity - HOUX nails, 149L
[img src=]160Virtual Insanity - SNOW #1 nails, 149L
[img src=]160Virtual Insanity - Champagne #1 nails, 149L
[img src=]170V-Spot - Puff Off Jacket, 189L
[img src=]170Whatever - Jeardigan, 179L
[img src=]210Zombie Suicide - Molko Armwarmers, 199L
[img src=]190ZOZ - Black Leather Fur Jacket, 195L
[img src=]160ZOZ - Reindeer Natural White Nails, 98L
[img src=]200ZOZ - Reindeer Color Nails, 98L
[img src=]150Esque - Zuri Mink Satchel, 200L
[img src=]150Facella Scarf (6 colors), 199L
[img src=]160Leri Miles Designs - Adelle Heels, 100L
[img src=]160me Jewelry - Animal Earrings, 105L
[img src=]150Poute - Destroyer Mid Stilletos, 250L
[img src=]70Razor - Dominion Boots White, 229L
[img src=]50Blow-Up - Aura Skin Shiny Stars, 300L
[img src=]70Reckless - Sato Tattoo, 299L
[img src=]80Miseria - Knit Slippers, 159L
[img src=]1001 Hundred - Faux Fur, 200L
[img src=]80AY - Oxy Arm Warmers, 420L
[img src=]70Razor - Chambers Shirt White, 249L


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