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[img src=]70AITUI Elven Ears 650L
[img src=]60ARIA Daybed 200L
[img src=]60Atomic Weekend Lazies Sweaters 299L
[img src=]80Bueno Shorts 199L
[img src=]60Bueno Shorts 199L
[img src=]60Cheeky Pea Fall Bench 500/750L
[img src=]60Damselfly Cole Hair 250L
[img src=]40Damselfly Anjelica Hair 250L
[img src=]40Damselfly Coty Hair 250L
[img src=]80Flite/Reckless Strapped Vulcans 299L
[img src=]50floorplan Tomorrow Marquee 175L
[img src=]60Foxes Fleece Jacket & Little Chi Pet 250/350L
[img src=]60Kitja Vest 200L
[img src=]50Little Bones Delusion Hair 270L
[img src=]50Little Bones Kitten Hair 270L
[img src=]80Mikunch Knit Dress 333L
[img src=]50Mikunch Vest 250L
[img src=]60Modish Fiona Necklace 130L
[img src=]60Moon Virgo hair 275L
[img src=]50Moon Leo Hair 275L
[img src=]50randomMatter Sugarbooger Backpack 360L
[img src=]50randomMatter Sugarbooger Backpack 360L
[img src=]70Razor Chambers Shirt 229L
[img src=]80Razor Chambers Shirt 229L
[img src=]40Reckless Tattoo 350L
[img src=]80Reckless Tattoo 350L
[img src=]60REIGN Quinn Boots 350L
[img src=]70Soonsiki Chloe Hair 250L
[img src=]60Wonton Olivier Shirt 150L
[img src=]40Xin Leather Tee 221L
[img src=]30Yummy Eye of Eternity Ring & Choker 90L/195L


Nº21 is a monthly event featuring 21 of SL’s top designers.  The event runs for 21 days and features new releases from participating brands!  This months participants include:  Razor ///, REIGN, Flite, Reckless, Little Bones, Foxes, AITUI, Bueno, Atomic, Cheeky Pea, Damselfly, floorplan, Kitja, Mikunch, Modish, Moon, random.Matter., Soonsiki, Wonton, Xin & Yummy!


N-21 is now open, you can visit it HERE



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