The Body Modification Expo 2014

[img src=]230inhale
[img src=]290ARISE
[img src=]250KOtic
[img src=]200KOtic
[img src=]210randomMatter
[img src=]200randomMatter
[img src=]210[QE] Designs
[img src=]170sYs Designs
[img src=]2001 Hundred
[img src=]1507 Deadly sKins
[img src=]1207madRavens
[img src=]1007madRavens
[img src=]90 AA Diamante
[img src=]90AY Bunker CyberShop
[img src=]90AY Bunker CyberShop
[img src=]170AITUI
[img src=]120AlterEgo
[img src=]80Anatomy
[img src=]80. Aphrodisiac .
[img src=]90Ariskea
[img src=]80Anymore Store
[img src=]90AtiK
[img src=]70Atooly
[img src=]80AURORA
[img src=]80AURORA
[img src=]90Ayashi
[img src=]80Blah
[img src=]120blissiere
[img src=]120BlowUp
[img src=]130Body Factory
[img src=]90Bokeh
[img src=]90BOMBSHELL
[img src=]80bubble
[img src=]80cheeky
[img src=]70CC Kre-ations
[img src=]50Cute Poison
[img src=]60DAMSELFLY HAIR
[img src=]60DAPPA
[img src=]50DAPPA
[img src=]60DeeTalez
[img src=]60Ducknipple
[img src=]60Eclipse Art Studio
[img src=]80ellemeno
[img src=]70elska
[img src=]140elska
[img src=]110elska
[img src=]100Elysium
[img src=]70EMPORIUM
[img src=]90Endless Pain Tattoos
[img src=]240Envious
[img src=]220etham
[img src=]150FAD
[img src=]120Fappy
[img src=]110FLite
[img src=]130Forever Young
[img src=]110Frogstar
[img src=]100Fujiwara's World
[img src=]110Fujiwara's World
[img src=]110Fusion
[img src=]110 Geek
[img src=]130Glitzz
[img src=]130Goth1c0
[img src=]90Heartistic
[img src=]100heathenesque
[img src=]80Holli Pocket
[img src=]120HollyWeird
[img src=]110Identity Body Shop
[img src=]120IHO Body Couture
[img src=]120ILAYA
[img src=]110Infliction
[img src=]130insanya
[img src=]100KCODE
[img src=]120La Petite Morte
[img src=]90Lapointe & Bastchild
[img src=]110L'Armoire
[img src=]80Latreia FootFashions
[img src=]110Letis Tattoo
[img src=]90Little Bones
[img src=]90Little Pricks
[img src=]80Loud Mouth
[img src=]100LOULOU&CO
[img src=]80Luckie
[img src=]90LustRage
[img src=]90Ma Vie
[img src=]100mE. Jewelry
[img src=]90Miseria
[img src=]90MODA
[img src=]80Moon
[img src=]100MV
[img src=]90NAMINOKE
[img src=]80Nani
[img src=]80NerdMonkey
[img src=]70NM-Atelier
[img src=]70OBSCURE
[img src=]70Pekka
[img src=]70Pekka
[img src=]80Pekka
[img src=]60PixelGeek
[img src=]70Plastik
[img src=]70Plastik
[img src=]70Plastik
[img src=]70Plastik
[img src=]90POMPOSITY
[img src=]60Purple Poses
[img src=]80Razor
[img src=]60Reckless
[img src=]50REIGN
[img src=]50Riske
[img src=]50Riske
[img src=]60Riske
[img src=]50S H O C K Factory
[img src=]50SAKIDE
[img src=]50Sassy!
[img src=]60SCENE
[img src=]50SCENE
[img src=]60SOONSIKI
[img src=]40Speakeasy Tattoo Co.
[img src=]50Speakeasy Tattoo Co.
[img src=]40SwaggedOut
[img src=]40Tabou Irresistible
[img src=]20Tantalum
[img src=]50The Little Bat
[img src=]30The Pose Shop
[img src=]40Toxic High
[img src=]40trs
[img src=]40Vanity Hair
[img src=]40Whatever
[img src=]40wowskins
[img src=]40YumYums
[img src=]30Zombie Suicide
[img src=]30Zombie Suicide
[img src=]40ZOZ
[img src=]30Essences

October 10 – 31, 2014

Sponsored By: :Fusion:, [ bubble ], AITUI, Ariskea, Blah., DeeTaleZ, Epic, Essences, FLITE, Insanya, Lapointe & Bastchild, Little Bones, MOON, Razor///, Reckless, REIGN, & SAKIDE

The Body Modification Expo will be a SIM Wide accessories fair offering shoppers a wide range of items designed exclusively for the event by our participating designers. Each designer will create and display at least ONE new, exclusive item.

Please keep in mind, this is NOT a CLOTHING FAIR. All items released at the fair need to body enhancements or accessory related (i.e, shoes, belts, bags, tats, skins, hair, eyes, jewelry, piercings, glasses, scarves, body paint, make-up, hair bows, etc, etc.)

All of the amazing releases can be found HERE


  1. Busy, Busy, Busy | A Kat and A Mouse

    October 22, 2014 (17:32) Reply

    […] event that showed up on my radar is The Body Modification Expo.  I’m not really into tattoos and piercing, but there were a couple of items that piqued my […]

  2. First Sightings (Post-119137)

    November 1, 2014 (02:25) Reply

    […] with this adorable one piece Mesh Romper with a hud of colors/fabrics. While The Little Bat is at The Body Modification Expo which ends today [Oct 31st] with these skully Punked Slink Heels in a number of colors and the […]

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